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  1. Update from my side. I called the 800 number and they took a service request to verify the approval date. After 35 days, i got the new approval letter with an extended approved date , exactly as my parents travel date. So, now their stay will not be considered as Oversaty, and i am happy.
  2. Met couple of attorneys also regarding this, They confirmed the Visa is still valid (event thought they overstayed) as the decision was approved. The officer might have rejected if he finds the VISA was invalid anymore. However the overstay is still true and need to deal with it every time they enter USA. Depends on officer at POE. So we postponed my parents travel. Attorney asked me to call the 800 number on i-797A to see if USCIS can adjust the date, i know chances are very slim. But any of you heard any decision reversal in these kind of requests? Do you recommend calling USCIS as tere is risk of exposing ourselves?
  3. Hi All, Need your advice my situation. My parents came here on B2 visa in 2017 and we have applied for an extension of 3 months before their actual I-94 expires, requesting to extend till February 17 of 2018. And while application was still pending for decision, they left to India on Feb 13. In March 2019, we received the approval for extension, however the approved I-94 was only till February 3rd 2018. Thus causing an un-intended over stay of 10 days. Now if they wan to come for next visit, will they get deported at Port of entry? Please advice me what to do now. As this will make, they may never be able to come to USA in future.
  4. Hi All, Please help me with my situation. I have approved I-140 and H1. My wife was L2 and applied for COS to H4 (Still pending). However i did not know i can submit her H4 EAD application along with H4 COS application. Now, i am hearing so many news that any time, DHS might remove H4 EAD eligibility option. So just wanted to check with you, if i can submit H4 EAD with her Receipt number of H4 COS? It has been almost 5 months, we have applied, and expecting to be approved in next 2-3 months. By that time, DHS might remove the H4 EAD option. Please help me with guidance.
  5. HI All, Please help me with my situation. Right now i am working in USA under L1-B Blanket visa. Visa and I-94 valid till Sep 2017. My PED : Petetion end date : Sep 2015. So, as i can not work after Sep 2015. So, My employer added me to a new Blanket petetion and asked me to go Canada for Visa stamping. Can i use my existing Visa with the new L1B Blanket petetion? I am asking this question, as i have fear that, if i get rejected in Canada for the stamping, my existing visa also will get cancelled, and i can not return here. Please help me with my case.
  6. sunku447

    Unable to process dependant visa

    Sure Jairichi, I will also consider meeting attorney. Other than checking with my immigration team.
  7. sunku447

    Unable to process dependant visa

    Thank you so much Jairichi. However my comp is saying i can not work after sep 2015, as my ped is ending, eventhough I 94 is valid. So they are asking me to process an extension, but all of my friends are tellling right now USICS is rejecteing the L1B extensions. So kept my fingers crossed.
  8. sunku447

    Unable to process dependant visa

    Hi Jairichi, Thank you so much for the quick reply. Thank you so much. I am sorry to bother you with few more questions, can you kindly reply. 1. Yes, they are correct. Visa is only for entry. I94 and petition validity date is for your legal stay in US. : If so can consulate accept my I 94 date as referance and process my Spouse visa? 2. Yes. 3. She can apply for B2 for a short stay. Ask employer to file L1B extension in premium and you will get a decision in 15 calendar days. : Can i apply a visitor visa for her, so she can stay max of six months here?
  9. HI All, Please help me to find a solution in my case. I am currently working on L1 B visa, My visa and I-94 are valid till Sep 2017. Also in My I-129S, Visa officer hs written it is valid till 2017 sep. But in the second page of I-129S, my company has applied petition only till 2015 sep. So the same has mentioned in my Visa page as PED. I got married 2 weeks back and asked my company to process depandant visa. But they are rejecting that idea, saying PED date is very close (Less datn 2 months). They are asking me to go for L1b extension. Please help me here, 1) Are they correct about PED? Why they can not use my visa validity date to process my spouse visa? 2) If i apply for L1 b , and it gets rejected (like in many cases), do i need to leave immediately? 3) What is the alternate way to bring my spouse here? Please help me, thanks in advance.