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  1. haha seriously man... After a long wait i felt like its worth it!! Best of luck to the folks who are still waiting on their MTR's
  2. Hi All, My MTR Case Finally Approved after 21months of wait. 2015 Filing: Applied H1b in April RFE in June Replied RFE and got denial in July (No Client Letter) Applied MTR in August 2015 with client letter and wait ends in Jan 4th 2017 with Approval. 2016 Filing: Applied and got denial here as well for the poor documentation but before that i got approval from 2015 Filing. Finally i would say one thing to all who are waiting..... Still there is a Hope.. best of luck folks..
  3. Yes its more than a year now. I raised it 3+ times but did not get a decision and also we cannot raise a request by own your petitioner(employer/attorney) can only do that. Even i did the same my opt was ending oct 2016 so i enrolled in second masters in August 2016 itself. I am on F1 right now. I would say better do not risk of going out of the country as the situation outside is little unfavourable. Hope you will hear something soon. All the best!!
  4. Sorry for what happend to you. But here USCIS people do not provide the decision right on time for MTR it all depends on the case and officer. I applied MTR on August 10th 2015 and my case says still case was received. Saying that it may also takes lesser time as you can see in this forum. But again it all depends man but dont keep hopes on getting the decision early...
  5. @avipisces Congrats man. I am so happy for you. You deserve it!!
  6. And also how many years you got it for? When is the start date and end date alloted for you?
  7. Awesome man congrats!! I am still waiting 13months done i will be in 14th month in OCT. Mine still shows case was received on Aug 10th 2015. I raised a service request in August 2016 and no response yet. I will raise another one after october if no status by then. Anyways Congrats man. Your wait did not go in vain.... Have fun!!
  8. @avipisces: Any update on your case? Mine still shows case was received on August 10th 2015.
  9. I raised it three times, they always promise to respond in a month but they still dont:(
  10. @mredy Same case with me i applied MTR on august 10th 2015, i passed one year and the case status is still case was received. So it all depends on your fate man i saw few people got it in 3 months and some dont even get after 1 year like me.
  11. Awesome man. You are the lucky person to get it so soon. My case is 100% same as yours i submitted with client letter. And Aug 10th will be my one year wait on MTR.
  12. Lucky you man.... you got approval for 3 years? and what is the start date you got?
  13. First of all Congrats man!! I know the pain of waiting i opened MTR in Aug 2015 and still waiting.. What do you mean by reopening? did you go with different employer? Please share the details i am in the same boat .
  14. Yes I am. how about you?