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  1. vb3152

    Divorced and Remarriage: H1B and H4.

    Hi asmitharad - I am in a similar situation as yours and would greatly appreciate any suggestions or input that you may have for me based on your experience at the consulate. Like for example what kind of questions were you asked. Did they enquire about the previous H4 on your husbands H1? On a another note were you able to complete and successfully schedule a visa interview date before your marriage?
  2. vb3152

    Second marriage H4 stamping questions

    Hi Time Travel- I am in a similar situation as yours and would be really grateful if you could share your consular experience with me. Thanks and Best Regards
  3. Hi All, I have been with the same current employer for the past 8 years. I have filled in all the details of my current employer in the section before this. The question in this section of DS-160 is as follows Provide your employment information for the last 5 years, if applicable. Yes or No If i answer Yes and provide all the details of the current employer again. I am not able to include a future work end date ( visa expiry date ). Or Should i just answer No to this section of DS-160 assuming that they are referring to any employment in the past 5 years other than the current employer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, VB