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  1. Hi, I have received a rejection notice for my recent I-765 filing because of incorrect fee attached. The rejection notice says the following, "This is in reference to the I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, you submitted. Your I-765, fees, and any supporting documentations is being returned to you for the following reason(s): The payment amount is incorrect, or has not been provided. Please review the form instructions for fee information. Please resubmit the application/petition package with the appropriate fees to the address listed on the bottom of this package. Please be sure to complete the application fully, submit the appropriate fees, and include all required supporting documentation." The rejection notice that i got has a green letter which says "when you resubmit your application, please enclose this letter with your re-submission" and also my I-765 application. I'm confused whether to just send the 'check with right fee' + 'I-765 that was returned to me by USCIS' + 'the green letter' ... (OR) I have to re-send complete documentation including the photographs + 'the green letter' (as if I'm submitting a new application) Appreciate someones suggestion/guidance on this. Thank you.
  2. Thank you Shekar11 for your reply. probably the option-1(go out of country) won't work for me because my wife is currently working on STEM OPT. I did a concurrent filing for (1)change of status from F1 to H4 & (2)H4 EAD. Both the applications are sent in a single parcel, but i have noticed the filing fee deduction hapened for one application which is of $370 for COS and not for H4 EAD application. Is this going to be deducted / processed in later date? By chance do you have any info on this concurrent filings ?
  3. Hello, I'm planning to file COS (H4) for my wife who is currently on F1 status. What is the best & fastest way of doing H4 change of status along with H4 EAD filing. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I have a conviction sometime during year 2014 as 484(a). But it was later converted to I415(pc) in 2015. Now, i have to fill I539 form & would like to know the best possible way of mentioning this situation under section "Have you, or any other person included in this application, ever been arrested or convicted of any criminal offense since last entering the U.S.?" Could someone please suggest me the best possible way of filling this. Thank you.
  5. Andy - Thank you for your valuable suggestions. JoeF - Thanks for your response. I didn't ask to point out what i did and i know what i have done. When someone involved in an accident that doesn't mean he/she did it intentionally or its their hobby. At that point in time they might be out of mind and it could have happened. That doesn't mean he is a bad driver or he do it for fun all the time. Probably you are not aware there are great leaders in the world who did blunders and realized what they have done and now they are called 'great leaders'.
  6. krs563

    PC 488 - petty theft misdemeanor

    hello mate ... any outcomes on this case. I'm in same situation right now. can you please share your research on this that can shed some light for others. Thanks,
  7. Hello, Recently i was caught under 'Petty Theft' for a worth of 20$ item. I'm working with a a criminal defense lawyer at my location to handle my case. But have couple of open questions in my mind, 1) As per my lawyer this case can go 90% - 95% as 'infraction'. I was cited with california pc 490.5. Any idea how far it can be true? 2) Based on forum search i have found that the case can be moved to diversion program / can be dismissed? Whats the difference in infraction / diversion / dismissed cases? 3) I'm currently working as full time employee alien with work permit, my company attorneys has recently filed my H1B extension and GC I-140 petition. At this stage i'm planning to reach out to outside immigration lawyer because my H1B extension & my GC I-140 are in progress ? I'm much worried about these now. Any suggestion / things to be clarified with immigration lawyer. 4) How this is going to impact my current employment and any consequences that I'm going to face in near future, any suggestions to reduce the impact? 5) Any checklist / key items that I need to discuss with Criminal Defense Lawyer & Immigration lawyer that can save me from future consequences. Appreciate your help & support.