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  1. agnostic1

    H1 B transfer - receipt timelines

    Did you get the receipt ?
  2. agnostic1

    H1 B transfer - receipt timelines

    Did you get the receipt yet ?
  3. Hello I am in the process of changing my employer(MBB), transferring to one of the prestigious firm in the world, one of the three MBB, McKinsey, Boston consulting group and Bain & Co my question is what is the chances of my H1b approval without Rfe? Btw my role is internal position not the client facing.
  4. agnostic1

    H1 B transfer - receipt timelines

    Are yours premium? Who is the employer ? i am also curious about this, my h1b transfer premium filling will be done in next week(24th or 25th of May) employer is one of MBB consulting firm. BCG/Mckinsey/Bain&co. what are the chances of approving? byw not client side, thats means i will not be working at any client location, internal project of MBB. What are my chances of approving transfer?
  5. Hello all, I have a simple question but seems its not. I just got approved my H1 in 2016 quota (April,2015), I am planning to visit India in November. My situation as follows: 1) Entered in US in Sep 2012 on F1 visa, for MS in Accounting with a Grand Fellowship full fee waiver, then I changed University after 1 year and completed MS in Project Management, during pursuing MS, on CPT I worked for 9 months and converted it to OPT with same the client and employer and still working with the same client and employer. That means no issues with client letter, vendor letter and pay stubs for last 18 months. I have them. 2) Academic background is different to what I am working: I did Under Grad in Commerce (Bcom), MS in accounting discontinued and but completed MS in project Management in IT and now working as Software Release management Consultant. Certified PMP consultant by PMI 3) H1 just approved, its validate starts form October 1st, but I want to visit India in November 3rd week. Analyze my case and suggest me that what steps I need to take while visiting. will I get stamping approved? Is there any chances to get rejected or getting query? Thanks, Agnostic