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  1. I have my h4 visa stamped in June 2015 and my husband travelled to usa with his h1b visa in July 2015. I also got selected in lottery in 2015 through an usa employer and my question is can I travel to usa with my h4 visa in sept 2015 before my h1b visa is stamped? and can I do a COS from h4 to h1 after I reach usa? also can I work without h1b visa stamping and go to Canada for my h1b stamping? Please help to answer these questions
  2. ashrendra

    Maintaining Status While H-1B Petition is Pending

    Hi, myself and my spouse were working in USA for 5 years from 2008 to 2013 with my L1B visa through our employer and in 2013 we both returned back to india as our visa maxed out. Now in 2014 lottery my spouse got H1B visa from his company and he travelled to USA in June 2015, and currently I am in India. I applied for h1 through a new company in 2015 lottery and I got it selected in this year lottery, and now my question is I want to join my husband in USA in August through my H4 visa. So in this situation - 1. Will my H1 petition still be valid even after I go to USA with my H4 visa? 2. Should I get my h1 stamped in India before going to USA? 3. Can I go to USA with my h4 visa and do a COS to h1 and start working from oct 2015 and go to Canada for my visa stamping?