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  1. riteshraithatha

    Diversity Visa Program question

    Thank you so much JoeF. I got some incorrect information then :-). Regards Ritesh
  2. Hello, I have heard that USCIS was shutting down Diversity Visa Program. Could anyone please let me know if that is true? if so then when it will be implemented? Will they be doing Diversity Visa program this year for 2016 - 2017 starting oct 1 2015? Please advise. Thank you Ritesh
  3. riteshraithatha

    Question regarding Citizenship

    Hello, My wife and I both got Green Card 4 and half year back through Employment Based application of mine. We are due for citizenship application in next few months but my wife is planning to go for longer term duration outside the country and do not want to apply citizenship as of now due to the process time it takes. One option would be to get Re-entry permit which is valid for 2 years but we are not sure if she will able to return in 2 years to re-apply re-entry permit. Another option we are thinking is to surrender her Green Card right now and when she will return back re-apply Green Card again as a Spouse of US Citizen. Could someone please recommend if the 2nd option of surrendering is correct approach? Will there be issue in future to re-apply Green Card? Thank you Ritesh