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  1. Nomadic Alien

    N400 - Employer and Employer Address

    I have always used the address on the either the head quarter or the one printed on your tax return. Following this thread for clarification
  2. Nomadic Alien

    DS 160 question

    did you ever get a response for this. I am in the same boat. What did you do ultimately?
  3. Nomadic Alien

    Vancouver H1B available Appointment Dates for Feb and Mar

    Where can I see the US Consulate's open times for appointments for all location in Canada for H1 visa Stamping. I am trying t look for July-august 2016 availability.
  4. Thank you for sharing your experience. How long did you plan your trip to Canada for? How long did it take for you to get your passport from the date of interview?
  5. Nomadic Alien

    March 10, Toronto H1b stamping, accommadation?

    Can you please share your experience in Toronto? I am looking at where should I schedule my stamping appointment in Canada. thank you
  6. Please share the details. I will need to go to CA for stamping but I have not yet decided which city I should look into. Did you face any issues in Toronto Consulate office? Have been reading mixed experiences. Please share your experience as it will be helpful in making a decision.
  7. For how long did you have to wait to get your passport? Did you take a PO Box number at the nearest post office? Any details you can share will be helpful as I will need to travel to get my H1B stamped for the 1st time.
  8. This is helpful information. I will need to plan to go and get my h1B stamped as well.
  9. Nomadic Alien

    Issues in filing for AOS

    I have an approved I-140 with my employer. My employer had initiated the application for the I-485. After the attorney has reviewed the papers for the last stage, they have decided not to proceed with filing my I-485 due to some discrepancy in the prevailing wages on my H1 ETA and the W-2 issued in 2010. The attorney advises that I leave the US and return with a new stamped H1B. I had not left the U.S. since my H1B, therefore I don't have any prior stamping on my passport. Is there any way to fix this situation without me having to travel overseas? Please advice.
  10. My H1-B will expire Sept 30th, 2015 and my employer has already filed my PERM application (which is pending decision as of today. I have confirmation from the immigration lawyer on this) When I approached my employer for filing the H1B extension, I came to know that they have not filed an amendment on my behalf when I joined Client- X one year ago. Both my employer and I are in the same State but different cities. Initially, my H1-B was filed where my employer's office is located at (City B). I have been working in a different city (City C) for the past year. Is there a workaround solution to my situation? I need some recommendation/ guidance so that I am more prepared when talking to my employer. I am concerned as I do not want to go OUt of Status post September 30th. Thank you. Nomadic Alien