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  1. irs312


    Any thoughts? their return ticket is in August. If I have to change tickets I rather do now.
  2. irs312


    Hello All, My parents came to US on Visitor visa today. For my father on his passport, they wrote it as sep 08 2018 and for my Mother Jun 08 2018. Online they both has Admit Until Date : 09/08/2018. for my mother which one is valid online one or the one on the passport? Thank you for your help.
  3. irs312

    Biometrics - India Travel

    yes, you can travel as long as it is not more than 180 days you can check processing times for your local office you will get the letter one month ahead. yes you can but try not to.
  4. I recently had my interview. My oath is scheduled for next month. I need to travel out of the country ( India). My father is sick ( he had brain surgery), i was with him 40 days From December to Jan. I have his pictures, doctor bills, everything... is it possible to prepone my oath ceremony? have it been Mexico or Europe I would go and come back for the oath ceremony. Any suggestions or thoughts greatly appreciated.
  5. Can you post your experience after your interview?
  6. irs312

    H1B extension stamping in Hyderabad

    Dropbox is only if your visa is expired in last 12 months.
  7. irs312

    N-400 Interview

    I am in simillar situation. Case approved but quality review. How long has is been showing that message? MY number starts with IOE... some one said some thing like IOE applications are electronic and have a different process.. Not sure if that was right.
  8. I had my interview on Feb 2nd . Visa officer mentioned he will approve my case. i saw the fallowing message after an hour. What is Quality review? thank you for the help. We recommended that your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization , Receipt Number IOE XXXX, be approved. On February 2, 2017, your case was submitted for quality review. This is a standard process we use to ensure the quality of our decisions. Once our quality review is done you will be scheduled for an oath ceremony. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.
  9. irs312

    Father Visitor Visa

    My father is a retired businessman. He currently leases the agriculture land he owns and collect the rents on the couple buildings he own. On DS-160 form - for occupation I wasn't sure what field to select. Few of the options that suit are 1) Agriculture 2) Retired 3) other 1) I am not sure if he can select agriculture - he doesn't tilt the field only leases them and collect the money
  10. irs312

    Visitor Visa - Occupation

    Dear All : I have a quick question about occupation. My father is a retired business man. He currently leases/ manages 25 acres of land that we have and some rental property. I wasn't sure what we need to select in the visitor visa applicaiton - Out of many options these are closley match 1) Retired 2) Agriculture 3) Other THank you for your help.