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  1. Hi, My H1b with H4 was applied on June 25 2015 in normal processing. My employer converted my case to premium on 13 July 2015. i got the result today in USCIS status page. H4 is approved and sent notice. H1B - We sent you a duplicate notice about a decision on your Form I-129, Is it approved? Any one faced this issue? Please advice me on this. If H4 approved means H1b will be getting approved? Note - My new employer attorney Whoever is applied my case with USICS resigned company. so he might have requested another guy to handle my case with USCIS. i did not get any information from my new employer.
  2. Here is my situation. My Current visa with Company A is going to expire on August 27 2015. i got two offers once from American Company (company B) and another one from Indian based company (company C). I like to work with Company B so i gave all my documents Company B filed my H1b transfer two weeks ago, unfortunately i have not received my Receipt number yet. Company C Indian based company also filing my H1b transfer. They may file my transfer end of this month. I don't want to go out of status for any case. so i am planning to send documents for Company A h1b extension. if in case my H1b is denied for Company B. i can work with Company C or Company A. Please advice. Am i going in correct direction. since my visa expiry is next month. i am scared and applying three H1b's. is it advisable?
  3. myvisakumar

    H1B Transfer pending, can i apply for extension ?

    Hi, If his transfer gets approved first and then Extension. will it be a problem? If company B ask him to work with Receipt number. if company A revokes his extension. will it be a problem for Company B H1b transfer? I am also in the same boat. please advice.
  4. myvisakumar

    H1b Transfer and Extension in same time

    Following up with question above which i have asked. If H1b transfer is processed in company B, Company C and H1b Extension is also processed from Company A at same. if i get receipt notice for Company B H1b transfer and join Company B. Will it be a problem for Company B H1b approval due to my Company A extension and company C H1b transfer?
  5. myvisakumar

    H1b Transfer and Extension in same time

    Thanks Scofield-II.
  6. Hi I am with company A and got my visa/i94 valid till Aug 27 2015. Company A will be filing the extension by July 20-30 possibly. I already got two offers. one from American company They started my H1b transfer process. i got my H4 Receipt number also but i am waiting for H1b Receipt number. Second company is Indian based company they got all my documents for H1b transfer but not initiated yet. My questions are, 1) will there be any issue since company A extension and company B transfer are at USCIS at same time? 2) Should i ask company B not to file my H1b transfer or i should ask my current employer to stop my extension? i heard from my friends any number of H1b we can file with USCIS but we should work only one company is it true? Please advice.... 3) Company B is promised me that my H1b will be converted to Premium after the July 27. Is it safe to switch the job once the Transfer petition filing number is received? Am totally confused whether to proceed to this new jobs or not.
  7. myvisakumar

    H1B transfer Regular

    Wow Good news. i am also expecting. Thanks for the update. R u planning to join new employer with Receipt number or R u going to wait unit it gets approved? if you are planning to join new employer with Receipt number? is it ok? do you think it is risk?
  8. myvisakumar

    H1B transfer Regular

    I am also in same boat. i got a new offer and my new employer said he filed my case on June 17 2015. He said, he did not get receipt number. My employer asks me to join after receipt number received. He promised me he will convert my case to premium after July 27 2015. my visa expires on August 25 2015. please advice me on this. is it safe to join without getting H1b approval? litong8815 if you get any updates let me know.
  9. myvisakumar

    Maintaining Status While H-1B Petition is Pending

    Hi Attorney, I am working in "A" company, my H1b expires on August 25 2015. i got another offer from "B" company and "C" company. My "B" company told me they have already filed my H1b transfer with normal processing last week due the USCIS premium suspension. My "B" company have not received receipt number yet. Now my current company "A" wants to file my extension and new company "C" wants to do H1b transfer. will it affect my H1b transfer from "B" company. Mostly i wanted to work with "B" company if in case my B company visa get denied. i can not stay in USA. so i have got another offer and my current company also doing extension. If i got all three approvals. if i wanted to work with B company. will it be a problem? If my "B" company asks me to join after the receipt number issued. is it ok to join? if it gets denial also i have "C" company visa process is going on. so i can join with "C" company. is it possible? How is visa denial for transfer case in 2015? is it more or less? my "B" company is one of the 500 fortune companies but every case is different? i am little worried... Please advice.