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  1. Bob_86

    Family based I-485 RFE

    Could anyone please help me out with this question/concern. Thanks!
  2. Hello folks, I filed I-130, I-485, I-765 & I-131 concurrently in Nov 17', and after 6 months, I received RFE on I-485 asking for birth certificate, i-864 (regarding income of household), I-130A. I was hoping I'd be getting my I-765 & I-131 when I-485 has been filed? Is that not the case? Thanks!
  3. Pontevecchio - I still see no progress in my concurrent filings (I-130, I-485, I-765, I-131 in November 2017). But when I check for other petitions that are filed at a later date than mine, I see few cases approved and called for Interview. Is this not first come first serve basis? And if they need additional info, they will send in RFE correct? can they just skip some petitions for whatever reason?
  4. Bob_86

    B2 (Tourist) to F1 Change of status I-539

    Thank you Sir, I was knowing different scenarios and COS cases that are possible. This helped a lot. Thanks all, again.
  5. Bob_86

    B2 (Tourist) to F1 Change of status I-539

    Thanks Guys! Another scenario I'd like to ask you guys is COS from B2 to H1 or F2 to H1. I know H1-B would be applied in April of every year. Can I apply for COS from these two scenarios? Please let me know. Thank you.
  6. Hello Folks, If I file I-539 to change status from B2 to F1 while staying in USA, 1. if that doesn't approve within 6 months (assuming visitor visa I94 is valid for 6 months), then do I need to go out of country? 2. and if that approves after I go out of the country as B2 visa term is finished. Will I-539 be considered abandoned? And can I return later on B2 without any issues? Thank you, appreciate your response.
  7. I sure hope so! I see that my local USCIS field Office I-485 timeline is currently processing April 2017, so by the time November 2017 comes I don't know how long it will be. And EAD for C(9) shows September 2017 at National benefits center.
  8. Bob_86

    Background Check Delays ?

    Is this I-485 based on Employment?
  9. Thank you . Yes That's what I am hoping for. But lately for few months I haven't seen much progress on processing EAD applications on C(9). After receiving EAD anything changes in terms of Employment, Labor dept ? my I-94 is still valid to what it is now?
  10. Hello Folks, I have applied for AOS based on Marriage to USC. Concurrently filed I-130, I-485, I-765, I-131 in November first week. And all of these status show "Case received" and I have alrady given biometric for I-485 at local USCIS Application center. I'm currently on H1-B and my employer had to file H1-B amendment as I moved to a different location and different team but same client. And couple of days H1-B showed RFE and it's regarding Level 1 wages, which my employer is preparing to respond. What is the current processing timeline for I-765 to be issued? I know after filing I-485/I-130 I can stay within U.S - no matter what my current status is, is that correct? What if my H1-B is denied for any reason and I do not get I-765 issued by then? What would be my situation? Any information provided is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hello Guys, can you please help me out me these questions I have. Thanks!
  12. Hi Folks, I'm filing I-130, I-485, EAD , AP all together for family based petition. Should I be filing G-325A (Biographic Information Form) and form I-693 (Medical examination) along with I-485 application? What is I-485-A supplement application? Am I eligible to apply this form? What is the use of this form? Thanks!
  13. Hello Folks, I have a quick concern on family based Greencard/citizenship process. Currently on H1-B and got married to USC. What are the steps and forms/applications that need to be filed by USC and H1-B person? Could any of you guys, please let me know. Thanks!
  14. Hello Folks, May be this question was asked and answered multiple times, but I would like to know if H1-B petition is approved from a new employer and passport has valid visa with Old employer details, can traveling outside US for couple of weeks would be alright? Does new VISA stamping be required with new approval notice? What supporting documents are needed from new employer other than Approval notice, employment letter, pay statements? Any information provided is greatly appreciated. Thanks!