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  1. jetwings

    H1 & H4 Visa appts in India

    First Available Appointment Is Hyd : Thursday July 30, 2015. Chennai: Monday July 27, 2015. Kolkata: Thursday July 16, 2015.
  2. Hi kittudiamond.. I have it next day, 23rd Jul.. Please let me know how it goes.. Btw, my I know your email id? or send me mail to my id here at gmail
  3. Hello All Anybody attended in June at Hyd please post your exp, Qs asked etc. And anybody attending in July..at Hyd. I am planning to attend in July 29/30.. Mine is first time stamping, first h1b.
  4. jetwings

    H1B Visa delivery time in Hyderabad, India

    Hopefully, as the news from 'The Bureau of Consular Affairs' says they are resolving the issues, already some 22 locations have been live. Check here: http://travel.state.gov/content/travel/english/news/technological-systems-issue.html
  5. jetwings

    H1B Stamping in October. Few Questions

    But I don't see Bangalore in the step 2: (Hows it possibile in bangalore then??) Step 2: Select the post where you would like to schedule an appointment. MUMBAI KOLKATA HYDERABAD CHENNAI NEW DELHI
  6. jetwings

    Any update for visa Interruption

    http://travel.state.gov/content/travel/english/news/technological-systems-issue.html Technological Systems IssueJune 22, 2015 Visa Systems IssuesThe Bureau of Consular Affairs is in the process of resolving technical problems with our visa systems. Though some progress has been made, biometric data processing has not been fully restored. Our team continues to work on this 24/7 to restore the systems to full functionality. As of noon today, 22 posts have been reconnected, representing about half of the global nonimmigrant visa volume. We will continue to bring additional posts online until connectivity with all posts is restored.
  7. jetwings

    Any update for visa Interruption

    But when I filled DS-160 last week, there is no option to upload a photo, the last part said photo will be taken at VFC ONLY.
  8. Good to know that its being resolved. For soem reason, at hyd, no slot avaialble till July end where as other cities we have slots in next few days.
  9. jetwings

    H1B Stamping in October. Few Questions

    3) There is questionaire available on the US consulate sites to check whether you are eligible for Dropbox. 1) No, You can not attend @BGLR. You can goto: Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata or Hyderabad. 2) Incase you need to attend interview in person: I suggest you fill DS-160 and then book appointment and then plan/book your tickets. The appointment slots, change dynalically. so it will be problem if slot is not available once you book flights. FYI: at this moment, Next Available date for appointment at Delhi is June 25, At Hyd it is July 23, At Chennai is June 29
  10. jetwings

    No update on DropBox

    @USADreams Is there any status change update yet on your case...
  11. jetwings

    Available Date Hyderabad

    NYW & Prabhu.. when are you guys planning to attend at hyd?
  12. jetwings

    Any update for visa Interruption

    mimi, The photo will be taken during the OFC/VFC visit, not the during the visa interview. Isn't it?
  13. jetwings

    Any update for visa Interruption

    Looks like the issue is still going on. Also @Hyd, all the appts for this week were cancelled..
  14. jetwings

    Available Date Hyderabad

    Prabhu: When are you planning to attend for stamping? Btw, just checked again; First Available Appointment Is Wednesday July 22, 2015. @HYD
  15. jetwings

    Available Date Hyderabad

    At this moment: First Available Appointment Is Tuesday July 21, 2015. On Friday also it was the same. Based on my last week exp, meanwhile it might have gone to 22/23 and again came back to 21.. (May there was one or two cancellations).