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  1. He already mentioned that his case was approved with 3 yrs extension
  2. aman1980

    H1B Amendment - valid H1B petition

    Hello Senior members, Need your guidance here. Also, if in this case, my employer files another amendment for a different client then what will be my status given that my earlier I 94 extn with this employer is valid till 2019. Please reply. Thanks, Aman
  3. Hi, I have a valid H1B petition until 2019. My employer filed H1B amendment due to change of client. I got an RFE on H1B amendment. I need to know that for some reason if amendment gets rejected my original H1B petition status will remain active or not? Also, what are the option for me in current situation. Thanks, Aman
  4. Hi, I have seen couple of cases in my current organization where such conversions were successful (who did not meet the requirement of working abroad with same employer in last 3 years). However, EB1-c requirements are strict and it says that applicant should be multinational manager i.e. worked in abroad in managerial capacity with the same employer for atleast an year.
  5. Hi, I am working in US with employer A for last 5 years (last H1B extension filed in Aug 2014) and will be completing 6 years (including recapture time) in June 2016. I have initiated future GC case with employer B before 365 days of my I-94 expiry date. Now my current employer A is willing to apply for L1A and then file for GC in EB1-c category. I have following questions regarding this - 1. if L1A gets approved; will it impact my future GC process with employer B? 2. if L1A gets approved, can employer B still continue my GC process and file for I140? 3. After L1A approval, if my current employer A does not apply for GC then can I join employer B and apply for H1B extension (I believe this needs to be done before June 2016)? Appreciate your responses. Thanks!