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    H1B Transfer before Oct 1st

    I'm not sure why and who spread this notion of being employed with previous employer till Oct 1 to be able to switch. I got the visa approved in May but my previous employer shut down the whole department. They promised to keep the application open though 3 months later I got a new job, was OK opt extension, the new lawyer filed the visa premium, last week and I got the approval yesterday (7 days). Both were filed as NTO, I'm not sure if this was a lucky break but rather than advising people against this like throughout the thread I would suggest to give it a shot. Atleast for people who won't have another shot next year, for others I do believe after Oct 1 is the safe and sensible bet Both fortune 500 companies and top law firm and I'm from a to school, not sure if that played a role, but trying till the end is all we can do....
  2. Yes, the petition is still active. Lawyer feels its possible but there is a chance of rejection too which he informed the HR. HR is feeling skeptic about going further, what are the chances of rejection? Is it high or looking at my case doesn't USCIS should take it as a mercy case as I am not trying to do anything illegal or to gain any advantage?
  3. Hello All, My H-1B got selected but I got laid off as my company shut down my department. They are going to keep the petition open until Oct 1 (promised as exit pkg) Left the company on Apr 30th A new company may give me a job but their lawyer is afraid my new petition/transfer might get rejected as USCIS will count me cap subject. will file premium I am on OPT extension valid till Nov 2015 (H1B was filed consular notification) so still in OPT status. Have a degree from top most school and worked with Fortune 500 companies always. Have pay-stubs to prove and letter from previous job Is there no hope or there are chances that I get it transferred as it is an unfortunate case? Need inputs or experiences please! Thanks
  4. Hello All, I worked for a fortune 500 company (US grad, top school, Masters) Due to corporate restructuring my department was shut and I was let go. My employer promised not to take back my application which was approved (I797-approval, Consular Notification) and I am on OPT extension (valid till Nov 2015) I found another employer but the lawyer there says that your change of employer application could be rejected because it is cap subject! My query is, I was selected in the lottery so what are the chances of the new application being rejected as I already made the cut. It is an unfortunate situation and I have all my pay stubs from previous jobs (top companies) and am in status, is there no way I can have a solution? Need inputs please. Thanks