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  1. Status changed to "Issued" interview date was 6/10, waiting for way bill number
  2. No news for vancouver till now
  3. Did you get any update on your passport? I was interviewed on June 10th at Vancouver.
  4. dervish7

    Automatic revalidation program

    I am thinking of getting the passport back and head back using AVR tomorrow. The delay is now getting financially and professionally unbearable.
  5. dervish7

    Automatic revalidation program

    Please confirm for all of us about your experience at the border. If this carries on I will try to get my passport back and head back next week.
  6. dervish7

    "Possible Visa Services Interruption"

    I am not sure if you are correct here, AVR will work if the consular officer did not stamp your pasport visa page (Expired or not) with Cancelled without prejudice. Thsi is my opinion not legal advice
  7. dervish7

    Automatic revalidation program

    JasK : I am also stuck in vancouver can you talk im at **********************
  8. dervish7

    Automatic revalidation program

    I have been trying to spread the word on the use of Automatic Visa Re-validation, but going back to the US and then coming back again will I have re-appear for an interview or just submit my passport?
  9. I have been evaluating the situation of using the Automatic Visa Re-validation. Since due to this glitch we are all in limbo over when the passports will actually get stamped. Here is the scenario I am thinking about: Get Passport Back from the Vancouver Consulate My original I-94 is still attached as I did not get stamping before and used Automatic Revalidation to enter, The I-94 valid till 9/30/15. Use it to go across the border by road, I am Canadian PR and have done this a number of time before. Come back when the system is back online. But the issue is i have now applied for a US visa and hence am not eligible for AVR. Not sure how your friend with expired H1 did it in Mexico.
  10. Interviewer - Approved at Vancouver 6/10, no updates yet.
  11. Have you received your passport yet? In the same boat, interviewed and approved on 6/10.
  12. dervish7

    Vancouver Passport Delay

    Interviewed 6/10, Visa approved. EVC model, no client letter asked. But due to the technical issues in visa printing still waiting.