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  1. vancouver-visa15

    Travel to India with PIO card?

    hi, I have the same question, we are travelling in May, can you please let me know if they are allowing PIO Thank you Sekhar
  2. vancouver-visa15

    Which consulate is better in Canada for H1b stamping?

    apart from interview stuff, try checking which city is expensive, vancouver is very expensive in case if we have to stay for few weeks, i am not sure about other cities,.
  3. send an email to vancouverniv at state.gov, normally it will take 1 day to get reply, try going to embassy at 2pm to 3pm and explain them your situation, provide them your passport number and any other information, they might help
  4. vancouver-visa15

    All the applicant stuck in Vancouver Canada

    i got email from embassy to pickup at the embassy and went there to pickup on the same day, now back to USA
  5. vancouver-visa15

    All the applicant stuck in Vancouver Canada

    vancouver is up now, mine just got changed to issued, interview date june 9th
  6. vancouver-visa15

    VISA Interruption\Technical Glitch - Canada Updates?

    toronto is fixed today based on facebook site updates
  7. vancouver-visa15

    All the applicant stuck in Vancouver Canada

    thanks! biodalls, thats a good news for vancouver if they are processing new applications
  8. vancouver-visa15

    Anyone in Ottawa ,,,waiting for passport with visa stamp??

    POSTAL mail is not a possibility, we need to come back to Canada and submit the passport for visa printing
  9. vancouver-visa15

    All the applicant stuck in Vancouver Canada

    nope, are they processing yet in vancouver?
  10. vancouver-visa15

    Automatic revalidation program

    there is some news today that jun8th guyz in india and singapore got visas, hang on
  11. vancouver-visa15

    Automatic revalidation program

    Shakir , did you tell them that you came to canada for visa stamping?
  12. vancouver-visa15

    Automatic revalidation program

    hi Shakir, can you please provide your email id or you can email me which is in my profile
  13. vancouver-visa15

    H1b visa stamping Merida - US visa system glitch

    Thanks! Kethan for the reply
  14. vancouver-visa15

    Automatic revalidation program

    hi Jasz, did you tell them that you came for visa stamping to Canada? Sekhar
  15. vancouver-visa15

    "Possible Visa Services Interruption"

    atleast there is a hope in todays new update: Q: How long before you restore full system functionality? Public and private sector experts are making progress in correcting the visa problem, and we are striving to have the system online sometime next week. Overseas and domestic passports are being issued.