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  1. ap_reddy

    Amendment needed?

    Experts, I'm on H1B with visa validity till Dec/19(I-140 approved) with Employer-A. My contract with my client-A was completed in 1st week of July at Location-A. I got a new offer with Client-B( Same Employer) at Location-B. Can I start working with Client-B after LCA approval for location-B and file H1B extension + Amendment file with in 60 days? Do I face any issues in extension or Do I need to wait till my employer files H1B extension + Amendment petition? Client-B wants to start working with them immediately, but my employer is asking me to wait till the H1B extension is filed.
  2. Experts, I'm working with Employer-A and I'm in my 6th year of H1B , maxout will be this Dec/2019. My I-140 approved recently ( less than a month) , I got a new offer from Employer B. Planning to join Employer B (full time , not a service based company) after approval only and expecting 3 years extension will come. If I join Employer B , and Employer- A withdraw I-140 petition, My validity for 3 years is still valid? ( As its not completed 180 days) I'll reject offer from Employer B, if answer is NO Please help me
  3. ap_reddy

    H1B | Severance | Grace Period

    You'll get minimum of 60 days or I-94 expiry date , in your case you'll get 60 days from date of your termination. No lottery needed.
  4. Experts , I need your help/suggestions on my current situation. I'm on 6th year of my H1b and max out is 5/15/19. PERM was approved and my employer(consulting firm) is about to file I-140 later this week/next week. After approval My employer will apply for extension. I got full time opportunity now and tentative joining date is mid Feb/2019. I have few questions. 1. Is it possible/safe to move to new employer immediately after I-140 approval? 2. What are my options to join new company , if my current employer not sharing I-140 related documents, to get H1B beyond 6 years? Please advise as I don't want to miss the full time opportunity in current situation.
  5. ap_reddy

    Renting Home on H1B

    Experts, We are planning to buy a bigger home and wants to rent the existing home. Can we get rental income from our home while we are on H1B?
  6. ap_reddy

    H1B Amendment needed?

    My spouse is on H1B working on EVC model for client C1. Got work From Home opportunity with client C2( EVC model) . The distance between C1 address and our home is less than 15 miles. Does my spouse's employer needs to file H1B amendment for this?
  7. Experts, I was with Employer A with I-94 valid till 12/19. As Employer A announced layoffs, I changed to Employer B and joined on receipt notice and got RFE. My Question is as My Employer-A's I-94 validity is till 12/19 , Can I get 60 days grace period , in case my H1B transfer petition to Employer B rejects? Appreciate your help. Thanks
  8. Experts , I'm on H1B visa and my current employment(Full time) is going to end by June 30 2018( MY I-797 valid till Dec/2019). I don't have an approved I-140 (PERM is in progress), and 1 Year 4 months left to complete 6 years on my H1B. I'm trying to find another job , but with my visa status I'm not getting any interview calls. My spouse is having approved I-140, I'm planning for Change of status to H4 and H4-EAD( I know it is going to cancel soon , But I don't have any oher option) . 1. The processing of H1 to H4 Change of Status and H4-EAD is taking more than 5 months, If I apply a Change of status before June 30 2018, what would be my status after June 30 2018? 2. Can I recapture 5 months( or the processing delay) in future to my H1B? 2. While my Change of status application is in process , If I get any job on H1B visa, Can I with draw my COS application with out any future impact?
  9. ap_reddy

    wage level 2 to wage level4

    my h1b transfer was applied with wage level-2 in july/2015 and approved with company A , now they filed my extension with wage level-4 which was approved and effective from jun/18. Not sure why attorney applied my LCA with wage level-4. My salary was a little low than given minimum prevailing wages , and HR told they can adjust the difference amount from effective date. Is there any issue for me in future for my next extension or transfer (to other employer) with wage level -2 ?
  10. legally you can travel. Safer side to avoid issues at port of entry take a letter from your employer regarding your extension.
  11. ap_reddy

    Layoff while on H1b

    60 days
  12. I had similar issue previously , my company attorney submitted required documents regarding merger to uscis for all the employees who are on H1B( no H1B transfer ) . when they filed h1b extension there was an RFE regarding company merger and attorney and HR handled , so dont worry.
  13. ap_reddy

    I-140 on h4 status

    I'm on H1B status with company X and my perm was was filed with same company a month ago ( not yet approved). My company announced layoffs now( last working day by 7/31/2018) , so planning to move to H4 -EAD. My company is Ok to file I-140( in premium processing) once PERM approves. Is it OK to file I-140 on H4 EAD status?
  14. My current company announced layoffs in my team and there is some openings in some other team which fits my skills and can do an internal transfer. The wages for that position is apporx 15% less than what I'm earning now. Is there any issue in future for my H1B extension and for GC Processing(140 was approved for current position)?
  15. ap_reddy

    Travel - H1 transfer regular in progress

    Your approval may be without I-94 , better avoid travel or convert to premium processing