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  1. Hi shekar11 Thank you so much for taking time out to answer. I have onemore question. The company lawyer said that 1 Paystub from employer B is sufficient for the H1 transfer since I just started working for employer B. Some forums say minimum 2 paystubs are needed and some say there is no minimum. The most recent one is required. do you have any idea? I think the company lawyer has applied with 1 recent paystub from employer B.
  2. Can any one please help? some one of you might have gone through a similar case. Really worried
  3. arjapril

    H1 transfer from new job within one month

    Hi Khandoba Did your transfer go through with one paystub? I am in the same situation.
  4. Hi All Your help is much appreciated in my case. I joined employer B on 02/23 and the H1B transfer to employer B was approved on 01/09/2017. However, I need to change jobs again and another employer C has applied for the H1B transfer yesterday on 02/02/2017. My queries are: 1. I have received only one paystub from employer B yet. I have provided lawyers with paystubs from previous employer A till 02/20/2017 and 1 paystub from employer B. Along with Employment verification Letter from employer B. Will there be any issues in such case with the H1B transfer? 2. Since I am trying to transfer H1b the second time within short period of time, will there be any issues? I really need to be able to move to employer C since joining employer B was a mistake. If any one has been through a similar situation, please help. Thanks
  5. kpp9878 What happened to our case? I am stuck in an RFE since 8 days. Very worried now. No one with a similar case as mine has received an RFE. Totally unnecessary and worthless.
  6. Guys Its been 8 days, if it takes this long, is it normal or does it mean something else. I have sen posts where people get approved on RFE in one day or 4 days also.
  7. livliv and rahul412 Have one more doubt, I know we are not lawyers here but your experience can help. Some legal advice I read said that company acquisition papers and no Press Releases and USCIS Memo will work. I kind of got nervous since if USCIS doesnot agree with the documents submitted and asks for company acquisition papers, I can never get those.
  8. Thank you livliv and rahul412 for your responses. Since no one else I know has got into this kind of situation, it worried me. The Attorneys of Company B have responded yesterday with Press releases and USCIS memo and all the documents they have.
  9. My H1B was being transferred to a Company B. It was received by USCIS on May 29th, 2015 and they sent and RFE to the Attorneys at Company B on June 9th, 2015. The Issue being: I work currently for Company S which was acquired by a very big Company D in 2012. Since the transition is still on, the original H1B application filed in 2014 has the Petitioner as Company S. However my paystubs has Company D's Logo and Name. USCIS thinks this is a discrepancy and issued me an RFE stating I may have not maintained valid status. Yesterday Company B's Attorneys who are filing for my H1B transfer asked me to send them my original I 129 petition, LCA Paystubs and W2's from 2013 and 2014. The W2's also have Company S's name. However, the I 129 has an explanation that Company D had acquired Company S. Now the attorneys say they are going to espond to the RFE with Press Releases and USCIS Memo stating Company D has acquired Company S and hence, I am an employee of Company D and maintained valid status. They say they have enough documents to prove so. I have no idea what will happen. Completely not my fault. Many have got their H1B transferred from my present company with similar papers but none received and RFE. Are there chances of Denial. Extremely Stressed. please help.