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  1. I just sent a day before(June 8th). However I need to travel abroad after 2-3 weeks and concerned about not gettign receipt before that. And If I do and resign with my current employer, then not sure whether I will be allowed to enter US while application is still pending... Any insights on how to deal with this situation is highly appreciated.
  2. Guys, any one got approved or a ticket under premium processing after 26th ?
  3. Are you sure ? I see lot of people talking about COE H1B transfer still being allowed under premium processing if one doesn't request extension.
  4. Hi, Is there anyone who applied for H1B transfer in Premium processing with/without an extension of stay and got receipt number after May 26 ?? There is no clarity on this, so checking to see if some one even tried and got reciept or else got Premium processing money refunded by USCIS due to suspension. My H1B is valid till Sep'2017 and applying for H1B transfer to a new employer. appreciate your quick response.