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  1. Hello, I am presently working with For Profit company since last 5-6 years. I have used my first H1B (2010- 2013) and H1B extension (2013-2016) would expire in Sept 2016. This company has also filed my Green Card (EB2) with priority date- December 2012. I randomly posted my resume over the internet and started to see that there is huge market out there. Couple of companies are willing to take care of transferring my H1B and Green Card. I would love to join any of these companies but there are some questions and I request if people can help me here. 1. Some of these companies are Non- Profit. Is it going to affect my transfer of H1B and Green Card? I assume since I have used H1B Cap quota in 2009, it would not be an issue with H1B. I am though NOT sure about transfer of I- 141. 2. What would happen in 2-3 years if I leave non- profit and get back to profit company (provided that I-141 priority date is NOT current or does not have any prospect to move forward). 3. My present employer may start filing 7th year H1B extension in March 2016. Is it advisable to join another company (irrespective of profit/ non- profit) while such extension is in the process? OR better to transfer H1B and Green Card before March 2016? 4. One of the small profit company is asking me to get my own attorney specialized in the immigration for such issue. The company would cooperate with such attorney. This is quite common in my field and I am willing to do so. Is it ok if I consult and pay the same attorney who is affiliated with my present employer? I am not sure if the attorney would tell my present employer that I am changing my job. This would certainly create few unwanted issues, right? I am aware if the present employer revoke I-141; I may no longer port the same priority date with new I-141 application. Waiting to see what experts have to say in this regard. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I am a physical therapist who recently has transferred my H1B to a new employer. This new employer is a staffing company who would send me to different locations at different MSA. Every work assignment would last 13 weeks (91 days including weekends). In such siuation, do my employer need to amend my H1B everytime?