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  1. Sam@123

    H4 to AOS- EAD to H1B

    I had filed for AOS in OCT and got EAD and AP through my old employer. I am currently on H4 visa(expiring in nov 2021) and not working. I want to file for H1b in first quarter of 2022. My question is will my H1b cap exempt or it will be considered new H1b(has to go through lottery) if I am on AOS EAD?
  2. Sam@123

    Adjustment of Status

    Hello, I applied recently for AOS as my PD(sept 2014) become current in Date of Filling chart. I am currently on H4 visa (with EAD) and pursing MS degree (not working). I have few questions 1) If I get EAD based on AOS application, do I need to join the employer immediately that had filed my application? 2) Do I need to join him before I get my EAD based on AOS? 3) Can I finish my study first and than join the same employer, which could be 6 to 12 months after I get EAD? 4) If I start working on H4 EAD in the occupation mentioned in the AOS application, does the employment needs to be continuous or I can have couple of months break in-between the project? Will this break affect my AOS application ? Thanks is advance.
  3. Couple of months back I got approved I- 140 but now I have come to know that DOl audited my employer and arrested few people in VISA fraud. There is no case against company CEO/owner. My H1b is expiring in June2016 and I have to file for extension based on approved 140 1)Is it safe to continue with this employer ? 2) If I change my employer now I might not get new 140 approved by June2016 what is my best option here. Thanks, Sam
  4. Sam@123

    Approved I 140 but DOL Case against my employer

    I don't know why the CEO was not charged... They only filled charges against HR and Finance manager. DOl even taped their phones, I read the charges and it looks like DOl has all the evidence.... My question is if they found them guilty will they revoke my 140 ? or they will give me chance to transfer to another employer. There is only one reason why want to continue with them for few months.. 1) I have filled H1b for my wife this year but haven't got any update till now. So if she is not picked in lottery I want to do H4 EAD. But if I change my employer there are chances that my current employer will revoke my 140.