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  1. 02112018

    President's Tweet - What does this mean?

    if people can guess what others have in their mind, why would others face issues. There will never be problems in the world.
  2. 02112018

    RFE for client and vendor letter

    Hope you have added an email from client that they DO NOT provide client letters etc or at least some evidence from client that says NO letters will be provided. If you did, then consulate ll get in touch with client directly through HR
  3. 02112018

    H1B Transfer

    Explain Truth
  4. 02112018


    Yes, and enter case number.
  5. 02112018

    I94 expired more than 180 days for minor

    Contract a best immigration lawyer
  6. 02112018

    DS160 form

    There has been many changes on a daily basis in DS160 form. So dont worry about it. Do not make DS160 complicate with more & more details.
  7. 02112018

    H1B Stamping - visa fee validity

    1.Yes 2.up to you, valid for 1 yr from the day of payment. 3.Does not expire.
  8. From 25 Aug 18, your wife is Out of Status and if you did/did not guide her to leave the country you might/might not face the issue at stamping but your wife will not get the visa for few years for sure because she lived illegal from 25 aug 18 till date. If you go together / separate, embassy treats as 2 different individuals so she will face rejections and you should be fine as you are maintaining legal status.
  9. 02112018

    60 Days Starts from ?

    Hello Experts, After seeing so many threads about End of the job & 60 days grace period, i got the below question in my mind. Thanks in advance if any one cares to reply. Is 60 days starts from the last day of H1 Holder end of their last contract ? or From the day of H1 Holder last payroll ran ? 🙂
  10. Your employer's attorney should help you in this critical situation.
  11. May I know from someone who has got their first time H1B stamped in Canada or have first hand knowledge about it ? I had my F1 to H1 stamping in 2015 Best consulate ? I had my stamping in Vancouver, Canada. There is NO best & worst consulate, if you have all documents with a clean profile. You get stamping anywhere. accommodation providers : I booked Daysinn hotel which is a walkable distance to embassy.
  12. 02112018

    Travel while H1B Transfer is under process

    No, you should go for stamping again to get company B visa on PP.
  13. 1. Not advised to go when you have a RFE, they reject. 2. They may not approve as your new one is in process and you got to wait for approval.
  14. 02112018

    Initial H1B stamping in Canada

    Yes, NO time line.
  15. 02112018

    H1B First time visa stamping in CANADA (F1 to H1)

    Yes. No. if dates available you can go anywhere. Go through all success posts in Murthy for success rate. Depends on the color of 221G you get.
  16. 02112018

    Successful Stamping at Canada

    Congratulations !
  17. 02112018

    H1 Advanced degree quota eligibility for Dentists

    If the school is listed in https://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/assets/certified-school-list-09-19-18.pdf then she is qualified for Master's Quota.
  18. 02112018

    H1b visa appointment dates availability

    If urgent, better you pay online and find out the dates. You can choose any location, its not that you have to stick with one location and also you can reschedule 5 times and the amount you paid will expire in 1yr from the date of payment. Seems like not many people are active here to help about the dates.
  19. 02112018

    H1B extension premium eligibility

    You should respond to RFE asap. USCIS should have your reply to make a decision to be safe.
  20. 02112018

    H1 premium RFE

    If premium is denied, you have to leave asap after April 2019. If you file another petition in regular also. if you receive decision on premium NO option to live. Does not matter what ever the EC,EVVC mode you are working in.
  21. 02112018

    H1b Stamping Dropbox Visa Validity

    Mention yes, if there is a space mention the validity Dec 31st, 2018 Why would you put NO when you have a valid H-1 ? No means you are illegally present in u.s
  22. New employer should be able to transfer your h1.
  23. Airlines should tell you while / before booking the ticket about transit visa whether you need it or not.
  24. 02112018

    LCA notice posting

    You don't basically need to post it anywhere in/out side of home. May be he asked you to post/stick because if you are out of home in working hours and USCIS visit they should know that you are WFH and Labor dept & USCIS is notified about it. This is the only reason for LCA post/stick at your home. As far as you are home in working hours. You are good to go. I do WFH. When ever i go out for a coffee. I just put a paper Out for a Coffee BRB in 15min with cell number so that if USCIS site visit they can either call me/wait for me.