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  1. You have to be in u.s atleast before a week of college class start date. Not after the classes are started.
  2. 02112018

    Sevis administrative processing

    Have to wait and watch. Seems like officer saw 2 i-20's on your name.
  3. 02112018

    Passport expires sooner than i-797 expiration.

    If you travel in dec with this passport, you get an i94 until dec 31 2020. So renew and come to u.s to get i94 until 2023
  4. 02112018

    Passport renewal and H1b visa stamping

    You can submit multiple DS-160's. Just make sure you carry the latest ds160 that have your latest passport details.
  5. Best advise is : Try not to travel. No one can predict what can happen at the POE.
  6. 02112018

    H1B visa appointment

    You can fill "N" number of DS-160's, just use the correct one while entering the embassy for interview.
  7. 02112018

    H1B Visa stamping in Vancouver Canada

    You should be able to schedule if you pay, and change dates later.
  8. 02112018

    H1B extension stampin Dropbox eligibility

    When you go to traveldocs website to schedule an appointment, it will ask you to answer few questions, as per your reply, it will show you if you are elgible for drop box or not.
  9. You can fill N number of i-797's before going to interview and show the latest one at the entry of embassy, that will continue in interview.
  10. What are the pros ? You should be able to get the visa if all the documentation and your prepare right What are the cons? Due to covid and new rules and regulations - No body can predict what's going to happen to their life. Coin can flip anytime if we cross the country What is the embassy interview slot availability? Unless you pay, it won't you the visa dates, if you know anyone who already paid and scheduled interview, can help you tell you the availablity.
  11. When you go to traveldocs website to schedule an appointment, it will ask you to answer few questions, as per your reply, it will show you if you are elgible for drop box or not.
  12. 02112018

    holding Mutliple i797

    Employer A
  13. 02112018

    Two H1 petitions for H4 stamping

    i797 starts from 01 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2023
  14. 02112018

    Second H1B lottery date for FY 2021

    Never in the history USCIS scheduled 2 H1-B lottery's in 1 year
  15. You should stop working from 241st day but can stay in u.s until decision is received.
  16. The next day of your I-94 expiry, you are out of status. If you want to be on status, leave country asap, ask your employer to file renewal, when it is approved, go to stamping and come back to u.s. This is the only thing can happen in current condition.
  17. 02112018

    Question about H1B visa stamping

    1.From the date you paid fee for visa appointment, you are eligible to postpone your appointments 6 times. 2. Unless you step in to u.s your new h1b will not be activated. So my advise is to pay & book an appointment in Jan 2021 which will let you postpone few times in case ban is extended.
  18. It's an issue with your college or employer it seems. Who do you work or where did you study ?
  19. 02112018

    H1B Transfer after 60 days grace period

    Look at : https://www.uscis.gov/archive/archive-news/uscis-publishes-final-rule-certain-employment-based-immigrant-and-nonimmigrant-visa-programs
  20. 02112018

    H1B status

    This should answer all of your questions : https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Resources/C1en.pdf
  21. Congrats then.