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  1. 02112018

    DUI and Background checks

    You are lucky enought if officer did not revoke your visa then and there. But when ever you go for visa interview you also have to go through an extra step to go get doctor checkup and submit the results that your not DUI. You may face some additional screening at POE everytime you enter in to u.s
  2. 02112018

    Got RFE for I-864

    RFE will have the info what docs USCIS is looking for - Take a look again.
  3. 02112018

    Timeline from interview

    1 WEEK
  4. 02112018

    H1B Revoked at POE and 5 years ban

    File for a new H1B visa and travel back to the States after 5 years and be honest at the time of interview about this ban if asked.
  5. 02112018

    H1B amendment + extension + Transfer

    it works, but just have to wait and see on which one USCIS is going to answer you first.
  6. 02112018

    Dropbox eligibility

    Ds-160 website will show you if u 3 are eligible for drop box or not after entering your details.
  7. Not a big deal. You can submit unlimited Ds-160.
  8. 02112018

    Traveling on Day 1 CPT

    Cancel day 1 cpt, carry a travel i20 for travel, you ll b safe.
  9. 02112018

    Multiple Payrolls on STEM OPT ?

    If you do that its illegal & make sure you should be able to answer to VO why did you do that. When your a GC holder, you can do that.
  10. 02112018

    H1B 60 Days Grace period

    60 days from the last pay roll ran date.
  11. 02112018

    Can I invest in weed stocks as H1B holder?

    100% issue with immigration if it is weed that people smoke you wanted to invest in.
  12. 02112018

    First H1b stamping in non home country

    I did my first f1 to h1 in vancouver, canada in 2015 but currently international borders are closed so may not work out.
  13. Q.1. Last date to reply will be on email. Q.2. If you got a latest i-797 with different approval date - yes. Q.3. DS-260 is your application for stamping, petition is filed by your employer to extend or get a new visa after your selection in lottery