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  1. Nobody can guarantee about chances of succeeding in a H1B draw. Pure Luck.
  2. 02112018

    H1b to F1 - Stamping in Canada

    Not sure why do you want to be in problems by transferring to F1. Aren't you happy with H1-B ? If you want to study, you can do that on h1 too.
  3. 02112018

    SEVIS terminated during covid19 epidemic

    Join - USA to India evacuation flights in FB.
  4. 02112018

    Procedure to convert from CPT to OPT

    Tell your employer to stop paying you on CPT document and ask him to run payroll on OPT doc's, that means your OPT is active from your end. Also check the start date of your OPT.
  5. CPT is illegal currently. So better request your school to terminate your employement and keep the SEVIS active.
  6. 02112018

    Part-Time CPT- More than 40h/week

    CPT is illegal so if you work for 20 or 40 it is NOT ok. Get ready to stuck at port of entry if they find that you worked on CPT when you travel.
  7. 02112018

    L1 to H1b - Visa Stamping in India Manditory?

    Borders & Embassy offices are closed until further notice.
  8. EAD and scanned copy is fine if you lost original, but call USCIS and see if they can give you another copy of it.
  9. You can which ever goes first to officer hands.
  10. If you do 2 jobs, make sure you have a legit answer while attending visa stamping interview. I think ONE H1B HOLDER with ONE JOB only unless your a GC/Citizen. Try to be safe with immigration status, money can be earned later if you have status and still in u.s
  11. 02112018

    H1B Amedment

    Yes you may file amendment petition with extension of stay. It may affect your current validity if officer change mind. I would say just file only "amendment" now.
  12. 02112018

    H1B RFE- CoS Question

    1. You may 2. Yes, if your employer reply before officer take action on h4 then h1 may approve/deny. If officer work on h4 as the h1 is pending for rfe reply then h4 may approve.
  13. Before H1 denies, take a F1- admission.
  14. 1. If your parents are in india, go to nearest govt muncipal office and provide her details to get the birth certificate. 2. contact attorney