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  1. 02112018

    H1B Amendment needed?

    Nope just AR-11 form to be filled out.
  2. 02112018

    H1B- Intended to revoke Status

    1. Check the start date of H1 on Approval notice. 2.No, you can't switch back to OPT automatically 3.No You should immediately reply to RFE on specialty occupation, if not you will out of status, if you are H1 is revoked after H1 start date.
  3. 02112018

    H1B - Travelling internationally on October 1st?

    Yes after oct 1st you are on H1 and your PP should have H1 stamping to let you in.
  4. 02112018

    H1B Interview Consulate Location

    You can go anywhere. Even my consulate mentioned "hyderabad' in i797 for 2015 but went to canada.
  5. 02112018

    Consular location India chennai hyd

    yes you can. Just choose the location in DS-160 as Hyd
  6. It's F1 to H1 & RFE is to prove SPLUNK admin as a Specialty occupation
  7. 02112018

    H1b Stamping in Vancouver

    Home country is the best option I feel coz for NO reason consulate issuing 221G white slip too and taking atleast a month time to do admin processing.
  8. 02112018

    DS 160 Query

    Contact Murthy Attorney.
  9. If your working for Employer B then you should have the visa stamping on PP with employer B to re-enter u.s. Not coz of new passport.
  10. 02112018

    OPT EAD Expedition Process

    "my expedition request was assigned to an officer and completed on 8/30".means that they have actually accepted your request and working on it. Like i said above, anything from GOVT is longer than the expected time now a days.
  11. 02112018

    COS from H4 to F1 and visa stamping

    1. As you are done with Master's and currently in OPT, POE may not admit you in to the country. So file H1 wait for approval and then go for stamping. 2. They would ask H4 & F1 related questions. ( why did you change to h4 to f1, where did you do masters, who are you working for sorta ) 3. Home country is the best option in case if you are stuck months with 221G . 4.If rejected, you have to quit.
  12. If your current h1 ends on Sept 31st & approved new h1 start date is from Oct 1, though you joined the school, you will continue on H-1 and can drop out from school.
  13. 02112018

    h1b after i140 approval

    USCIS Extends and Expands Suspension of Premium Processing for H-1B Petitions to Reduce Delays USCIS is extending the previously announced temporary suspension of premium processing for cap-subject H-1B petitions and, beginning Sept. 11, 2018, will be expanding this temporary suspension to include certain additional H-1B petitions. We expect these suspensions will last until Feb. 19, 2019, https://www.uscis.gov/news/uscis-extends-and-expands-suspension-premium-processing-h-1b-petitions-reduce-delays
  14. One of my friend received RFE in 2017 on with Specialty occupation and visa denied went back to school. Again same RFE in 2018 too and awaiting reply for submitted RFE. Hope for the best.
  15. 02112018

    Premium Processing for Cap Exempt H1B filing

    USCIS is extending the previously announced temporary suspension of premium processing for cap-subject H-1B petitions and, beginning Sept. 11, 2018. https://www.uscis.gov/news/uscis-extends-and-expands-suspension-premium-processing-h-1b-petitions-reduce-delays