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  1. 02112018

    DUI on July 4th weekend after I-485 application has been filed

    When they punch your SSN, they know everything. On top of it, now a days police officers do have option to revoke visa, I hope your visa is still valid. Generally if officer revoked your visa, it takes a month to get an email. So keep an eye on that. But on the other side, It is better to be honest and apologize for the mistake done. If you lie, it will be a problem for GC. If your honest, it should not create any issues to GC>
  2. Answer 'Yes' and have all the docs handy when you attend stamping interview.
  3. Enter as much as you can and allowed by DS-160 form. Don't worry
  4. As it is recently in 2018, pre-plan your stay with tons of money until 221g is cleared, if issued 221g. The only facility if you get 221g in your home country is you can stay at your home and don't have to worry which is not same if you go to Mexico.
  5. 02112018

    H1B Transfer

  6. It's rare to ask this type of evidence for F1-H1 stamping. This type might come up ONLY when your applying for i-485 not for f1-h1. So try getting everything that was requested, if you don't have it go to every hospital that your mom visited at you birth and pay what ever they ask to give you docs and submit it.
  7. 02112018

    Incorrect DS160 is given

    when they send you 221g and email to attend interview, give them the updated DS-160
  8. 02112018

    H1B Visa renewal stamping: Incorrect DS160

    I don't think they refuse for this reason but might send you an email or ask you to come pick up passport with 221G asking additional docs to submit. Wait for it.
  9. 02112018

    H1b visa stamping Dropbox, query related to DS160

    Better to have an accurate info. So fill out a new DS-160 and carry same for interview. Nothing to worry.
  10. 02112018


    Edit the existing DS-160 with new PP # or fill out a new DS-160 and carry same for drop box.
  11. 02112018

    Need suggestions on travel options

    Family is important. So if your company let you work from India. Notify them your leaving and follow up with them to file LCA and transfer, amendment everything but you may not be able to come back until you get i-797 & LCA et., approvals for company B and get stamping done which may take few months and you may loose job and eventually employer too. So think about it.
  12. 02112018

    H1B and H4 Appointment Fee Payment

    If it's a group appt, make one payment. If separate appt, make separate payments.
  13. 02112018

    H1B Visa Stamping - DS-160 Questions

    a.Employer B - H1 Petition Number b.Yes, provide your employer info.
  14. 02112018

    Concurrent H1B Visa stamping

    1. add a xerox copy of i-797 a even though there is NO box in DS-160 to enter. 2. which ever has the longer validity give that info on DS-160. I don't know how did you get 2 h1's part/full time. But if they found it, you be in problems bro. All the best.
  15. 02112018

    221G Yellow Slip asking for Client Letter

    Just email what they asked. No extra stuff to put you in Jeopardy.