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  1. I applied for a COS of status (F1 to H4) & EAD concurrently for my wife but forgot to send photos with the application. From what I have read looks like we will get a RFE. I would like to minimize the time between H4 COS approval and EAD approval. (Reason being she is be working on F1 OPT. If H4 is approved but EAD is not she can not work. Hence we would like to have minimum disruption). I was thinking we have 2 options. 1. Wait for RFE to come and respond. 2. After we get the receipt notice, we can make a copy of the receipt and send it with the missing photographs requesting these be added to the existing application. Has anyone ever tried option 2? Any lawyers know if option 2 will work? Or should we stick with option 1? Thanks a million!