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  1. Ather

    H1 time and reapply

    Hi guys i will be done with my six years of H1 in august 2016. My question is if i want to apply for a new H1 can i apply in April 2017 so that i can start in October 2017. or i have to wait till april 2018.please advise
  2. Ather

    Any update for visa Interruption

    Hi guys got my passport today. Once the waybill is generated just call loomis and ask if its ready to pickup there website doesn't update very often.
  3. Ather

    Any update for visa Interruption

    Good morning guys recieved an email from loomis today at 1am.
  4. Good morning guys recieved an email from loomis today at 1am.
  5. Ather

    Visa Update @ Vancouver

    Good morning guys recieved an email from loomis today at 1am.
  6. Hi guys did anyone try picking up their passport directly from the consulate. Since the status already shows issued.please let me know. Thanks
  7. Ather

    Visa Update @ Vancouver

    Is there a way to contact the consulate and pickup the passport directly from them rather from a loomis location.plz suggest
  8. Thanks. Still waiting for their email or waybill bill number so i can go oickup my passport.
  9. Ather

    Visa Update @ Vancouver

    Did you got the waybill number. Please let us know
  10. Today my visa status changed from amin processing to issued. My interview date was 10 june at vancouver
  11. Please let us know when you get ur passport. Congrats
  12. Its illegal to mail ur passport outside. U need to be present with ur passport if you want to get it stamp.
  13. Did any one recieved any email from the Toronto consulate about the passport pickup. Since the post for Toronto is up and running. Please share it will help others waiting in Canada. Thanks
  14. Toronto post is up. They mention 50 posts are fixed but listed only 44. I dont know what happen to the other 6.
  15. If you are with family pls don't leave US. The situation is horrible here the vancouver post is still down and there is lot of backlog. So there will be delay.