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  1. Hello All, I have a minor who is born in the US and both me and my spouse are US citizens (naturalized). We were formerly Indian citizens. My spouse holds an OCI but I do not. Is the minor kid eligible to apply for an OCI? Thanks in advance
  2. sadboy

    EB3 To EB2 Ported Successfully

    @Dattguru, 1. When did you file your wife's I-485 ? After getting EB2 I-140 approval notice & waiting for I-485 approval. Ans : You can file when your EB2 PD becomes current 2. My wife is on H4 Visa. Can we file her I-485 after my I-485 is approved ? Will her status get affected once my I-485 gets approved ? Ans : I don't think you can file once ur 485 is approved , as u are no longer in AOS process, your spouse will no longer be on any valid status here in the US. If that happens i.e. ur 485 is approved and you have not applied for your spouse's she will fall into another category and if you are granted permanent residence before her application is filed then she falls under the family-based second preference category and that priority date is August 7, 2007- and there is no legal status for her to use to live here in the interim. 3. Do we need paystubs for filing I-485 application ? I am on a $48 hourly project. Is that sufficient for I-140 & I-1485. Ans : yes I think you need paystubs to file the 485 application. However I don't recollect very clearly. About 140 no I don't think you need pay stubs. Good Luck
  3. sadboy

    EB3 To EB2 Ported Successfully

    @itzsaty : Good Luck!! Interfiling is a good option.Hope all works out!!!
  4. sadboy

    EB3 To EB2 Ported Successfully

    @itzsaty "1) what question / reason you had raised the Service Request for?." Initially Took Infopass, no information. Raised SR stating about what's happening with the case. Waited about 2 weeks took Infopass and then asked them the case, got a reply that NSC is requesting the file from TSC. Waited about 2 more weeks got the 1st SR reply that we will send you a decision in 30 days. Raised another SR to find out the case status. Took Infopass , got answer that case has been assigned to an officer. Waited for another 2-3 weeks got reply for the other SR that we will let you know the decision. After 2 more weeks "Greened". 2) How long did it take for the entire process?. Just curious. about 6-8 weeks. Yours may be faster in case your spouse did not apply for 485. My spouse applied after I had become current , my 485 was filed in 2007 and hers in June 2011 after PD became current. In case u r not in the same boat then approx time taken will be about 6 weeks. I know how it feels but u'll be greened soon.
  5. sadboy

    Finally Greened

    After 9 years got greened on 8/18..received card on 8/24... EB3 To EB2 transfer... PD July 2002... Belle/JoeF and all other a big thank you for your answers/support
  6. sadboy

    EB3 To EB2 Ported Successfully

    "I am in the same boat as yours, my i140 just approved from NSC and the old 140 / 485 is at TSC. Could you please advice the steps you took to get my I485 approved?. " @itzsaty : Please wait and watch. NSC probably will request the file from TSC. In my case NSC service center requested it 3 times and it was finally sent there however there will be a slight delay since your 485 is filed in TSC. Once received by NSC then its a matter of days before your application is approved. On the other hand you might want to take an infopass and check the status. In addition to the infopass opening a SR can help,however SR has a time window of 30 days for a reply to be received (generally the reply comes before 30 days). If you open up SR make sure that the SR is opened with a second level cust rep. Good Luck!!!
  7. My guess is that you are doing a lawyer: 1. When i file my I-140 how can i retain my EB3 priority dates and do i need to have my OLD Eb3 PD on the new I-140 approval notice. If you intend capturing your old PD from EB3 application(which I think is the whole intent of your upgrade to EB2) then while filing your application , your lawyer will request portability of your old date and when your I-140 is approved it will (rather should have) your EB3 PD. 2. How is new I-140 (EB2) mapped to the pending I-485(EB3) application see answer above
  8. Dis you take an Infopass? If you are not satisfied with Infopass create a Service Request.
  9. sadboy

    EB3 To EB2 Ported Successfully

    @jambo_25 : Infopass: Case transferred to Nebraska Service Center , case was transferred from Texas Service Center to Nebraska Service Center on July 22. Opened Service Request on July 12. Still waiting Your update?
  10. sadboy

    EB3 to EB2 Porting..

    There is no risk involved in porting..or there is no risk to your EB3 application. Once your date is ported then you become current as ur PD is Aug 2003.
  11. My 485 was applied in 2007 EB3 category. Successfully ported date from EB3 To EB2. Initial 485 Case was applied in Texas Service Center whereas new application in Nebraska. Received email today : Case was transferred to Nebraska service center for processing. How long will it take to get greened now? Belle / JoeF /others please help?
  12. sadboy

    EB3 to EB2

    You will have to file another application for EB2. Perm application and then when filing for I-140 request for portability of date...
  13. sadboy

    EB3 To EB2 Ported Successfully

    @srinathv77 : Different employer @wabis : LUD changed after I got approved petition in hand..so really approval came first.
  14. sadboy

    EB3 To EB2 Ported Successfully

    Sadboy, Got your GC? What is the latest update. Just got EB2 I140 approved with the old EB3 PD. My laywer says he is going to send a letter along with the latest I-140 approval(waiting for the mail) to initiate the review of the pending I485 file. But the discussion here says that this is something we can do it ourselves. what has happened with your service request & GC. Tom76: Nope not yet got my GC. Took infopass appointment and got more information on my case, case is still waiting to be approved. Opened Service Request on the phone and waiting for reply. Have taken another infopass appt for next week. Keeping fingers crossed.
  15. (1). How longer does it take for 140 Approval? Regular I-140 check processing times for the service center. (2). Is it really not that safe to go for 140 premium? Don't really know what do you mean by "Safe". Premium just means expedited nothing else, its paying to speed up your application. (3). Anyone did premium recently? Are there are queries talk on this in the recent past? In was in the same situation EB3 To EB2 and did premium, no prob got approved in less than 8 days.