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  1. ron1978

    H1-B stamped, but do I need I-797 for new H1B

    That employer who files for cap exempt,will he charge us ,if we already have approved petition
  2. ron1978

    H1-B stamped, but do I need I-797 for new H1B

    Do the employer has to be paid for H1 in such cases.I have similar issue.
  3. My petition was approved in 2007 but not stamped.1 company is ready to use it in cap exempt. But not sure if they will charge me for it.Do we need to pay anything to such company.
  4. hi I had approved petition in 2007 but I did not go for visa stamping. can it be used by any employer as h1 b cap exempt
  5. ron1978

    Can I still use-recoup my 2006 H1B?

    Hi I have 2007 approved petition it did not go for H1 stamping.Can it be used now
  6. ron1978

    Maintaining Status While H-1B Petition is Pending

    Hi I had approved H1 b petition in 2007 but not stamped, can I still go for visa stamping.I am India.