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  1. Hi,I think this question has been asked many times. I have researched but there are not clear answers. If someone knows a definite answer, it will be great.Let's say I140 is approved from Employer A and 180 days passed. As per new rule, the I140 can only be withdrawn by employer, it cannot be revoked.The question is can I use this I140 (withdrawn by employer A but not revoked) for filing unlimited H1b extensions/transfers/amendments with different employers till my priority date is current. Note that none of the employers ever starts a GC. They just keep using my original 140 (withdrawn by employer A but not revoked) for unlimited extensionCould someone pls throw some light. Many people of the opinion that it should not be possible as that will be a big loophole as how can someone keep extending H1b beyond 6 years without any employer willing to sponsor his GC
  2. Thanks a lot for clarifying. Still a bit confused. Joef: Not sure if you read my question. B's petition is already approved as of now (with date of Nv 2018). But I will re-enter using A's petition and then join B in 2 weeks. Do you mean that me using A's petition to re-enter will cancel B's approved petition, when you say B has to again file an EOS ? Thanks
  3. Also as stated in my clarification, since I will be taking leave from A and then join B after returning to USA, I don't think I can use B's petition (even though it is approved), as at the time of re-entering, I will be employed with A and not B.
  4. Hi, As i stated, the problem is because I have leave plans in end of June. It will be like I join B and then after 2 weeks, go an a 4 week leave. Hence they said, to to be with the current employer (A), take leave and as soon as I come back, put my papers and join them. Hope it clarifies things. Pls advise Thanks
  5. Hi, I am in an urgent situation and need some expert advice. Please let me know if any expert knows what will happen. Facts: Petition from new Employer (B) has been approved till Nov 2018. Petition of Current Employer (A) is valid till Nov 2015. Situation: Because of immediate leave plans to India, B is asking to take leave from A and then join them after coming back. Action: If I take a leave from A (i.e going to India and re-entering on A's petition) then the i94 given will be as per A's petition, i.e. till Nov 2015. Ques: 1.) Will doing this null and void B's petition, as the last action taken by me is to utilize A's petition to re-enter USA 2.) If this doesn't voids B petition, then which I94 will be valid after I join B. Is it the one as per B's I797 approval (Nov 2018) OR is it the one which i got on re-entering USA (Nov 2015) 3.) If I94 as per entering on A's petition is still valid even after joining B, then how can it be rectified. Do I need to exit and re-enter US, or will an amendment do the job. Thanks Rohan