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  1. I have an expired H1B Visa stamp but a valid I 797/I 94 until 2021. I wish to apply for UK Visitor visa from USA. Is a valid US visa stamp absolutely essential for applying for UK visitor visa? I do plan to get my H1B visa stamp renewed in Canada/Mexico before my travel to UK. This question is primarily about the UK visitor visa application.
  2. Hi! I have seen several questions on this topic but I needed to get an idea of the current situation. The last time I was outside the US was back in Jan 2008, when I was still on my F1 Visa. I have been working for a client as a direct permanent employee since Oct. 2013. I have my I 797 and other documents from my company. My objective is to travel to India within the next 3-4 months. I applied and got my Canadian visit visa thinking I would go to one of the consulates in Canada for stamping. The reasons being ease of travel, ease of working remotely for a couple of days while waiting on the passport and easier communication with my employer in the US. We also have a vendor in Montreal. So I thought I had a good answer for why I chose Canada. Recently I had a couple of friends advise me that going to India may be a more convenient and safe option. While I do understand that documentation and interview are the most important things, would you recommend Canada or India all things considered? For Canada, please advise on the location based on your experience or what you may have heard recently? It would be nice to get stamping done in Canada so I can travel to India with a clear head but getting stamping done trumps everything else. Thank you and best wishes. Ravi K.