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  1. Hi , My petition ends on 10th August. My I194 ends on 20th august. My new employer has filed LCA .However approval will take 8 days. Can a new employer initiate a transfer of my H1b visa on 15th august as my I94 is still valid.
  2. shahh

    TImegap between L1 and H1 for 6 years

    my L1 extension was applied and from april to November 2015.Hence i was in US in that time.My result didnt come in 240 days so I had to return to India.Net i stayed in US for 2 years 11 months ,rest of time I was in india. Am i eligible for 3 years 1 months now or lesser?
  3. shahh

    TImegap between L1 and H1 for 6 years

    Hello I stayed effectively 2 years and 11 months in US from 2012 August to Jan 2016.Rest of time I was in India. Will i be eligible for 3 years of net time in US?
  4. Hello, I was on L1B visa from April 2012 to April 2015.My extension was applied for L1B but no result came so i returned to India in Jan 2016. I came back from US in january 2016. I got by H1B lottery selected from a US employee in May 2016. If i need to go to US on H1B and complete 6 yrs allowable time - Is it necessary to stay in India for 1 year?
  5. Hello, I am on L1B visa. My petition got over in 10 april 2015. my visa extension was applied by my company on 1st April and i got RFE in july , I responded RFE in September. The USCIS stats shows RFE response received. I am waiting for RFE response currently since october.How long can i stay in US if RFE response doesnt come by 240 days of initial peition expiry of 10 april which is 5th December. Is it ok to wait till response arrives as USCIS already said RFE response received OR there is any clause for 240 days. thankyou Shah
  6. @rahul412 Name of college i was trying to apply was Goldy Beacom college.
  7. @rahul412 Hi Rahul,i am planning to work on CPT/OPT here .Do you think its an invalid option?
  8. @Rahul412 I will be getting I20 soon.I have the receipt of my extension filing.I can use that to file my COS.can i use that receipt number of my extension filing to apply COS? How many days it takes to get the receipt for change of status application.? @JoeF I want to stay here for 1 more year to give a try to H1B visa from here from a consultant.Why do you think its not right to stay here on F1 visa and work on CPT or OPT?
  9. This query related to my change of status from L1 to F1 visa.My I94 has expired in March 2015 and i am in the extension application process from my employer. I want to stay in US and hence want to apply for student visa with an MBA college. They will give me I-20. 1.)How can i apply for the visa change of status from my current visa. Is it possible to get the change of status to F1 visa done when the I94 extension approval is in process ?2.)Also what happens if my I94 extension gets rejected by USCIS in the middle of the change of status.Then do i need to go back to india?