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  1. Hi There I have recently just been offered a position to work on a cruise ship and I need to apply for a C1D Visa for the U.S. I applied for an ACPO police certificate which came back with "NO LIVE TRACE". After reading what this meant, it says that there is something on my record but the UK wouldn't pick it up on a CRB. I think its called the StepDown model. However I have read that the USA do not recognise the UK StepDown model. The cautions were: 2 x Battery 1 x Criminal damage All these occurred on the same day: 24th March 2008. Its now 2015. so it's 7 years ago. I am not a violent person and have not done anything ever like that since. It was a huge drunken mess when I was in a very bad place and a messy violent relationship to which I was the victim until I finally just snapped.. I accepted the caution because I was remorseful and ashamed at myself and just wanted the fiasco over. Since then I have sorted my life out, been to university and even moved city. I was wondering will me visa get declined because of these cautions? I've done a bit of research into CIMT but am not sure I'm understanding it. It's quite a fair bit of money and involves travel to London so I was wondering if its worth it to be just denied? Thanks in advance guys