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  1. Hello! I intend to visit the US for a month or two on a B1/B2 visia. I am aware that US allows to use Indian Driving license for up-to and it varies depending on the state's laws. I have checked the relevant documentation for Michigan and it looks like India is available in the list: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/reciprocity_chart_20508_7.pdf My questions are: 1) Is this allowed on B1/B2 visa also? 2) If I visit again later in the year will the 1 year limit start again from the date of entry? 3) Other than the Indian Driving license (it is in English itself) I was told that I should keep a print of i94 with me. How do I get the i-94 when entering on a visit visa as they usually just stamp on the passport. 4) Other than the Indian Driving license and i-94, is there anything else I need to keep? Please let me know what else should I be aware of when driving in US. Thanks in advance!
  2. Is your sis-in-law employed? Just because she is unmarried won't result in a denial, especially since she is going to accompany her family. It is the job that matters. Apply for the whole family. If one person gets denied it won't affect the other person's decision. B1/B2 doesn't have an option to sponsor. The person who will bear the expenses have to be mentioned.in the application and that's what they want to know. You can specify in the application that you will take care of their expenses once they reach US. You can mention the reason as baby ceremony under B2 (tourist) category
  3. 1) Whatever address you are going to stay upon arrival should be mentioned 2) Hotel address is fine 3) I don't think they are going to ask, but you can take print of them by asking your friends to send you a scan copy of the tickets and a receipt of the purchase 4) You can keep a print of the itinerary with you.
  4. Yup, I have. For the first visit the immigration officer asked me the purpose of visit and I told about the official purpose and gave me a B1 stamp. Surprisingly for the second visit which was the personal visit, the immigration officer did not even ask me any questions and simply gave me a B2 stamp as if he knew I was going to enter for personal purpose :o The time gap between the two visits was 6 months.
  5. ArunOnline

    Visitor visa travling to US first time

    Both of you have a valid visa. As long as you can give a genuine reason on why you are visiting the US at the port of entry, there shouldn't be any issue. Is there any reason why you think there could be any issue?
  6. ArunOnline

    Transiting through London Heathrow

    I have done transit through Heathrow few months ago on Virgin Atlantic (BOM - LHR - MIA and back). There is no need to get a transit visa.