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  1. Yep. employer is aware of the situation and is supporting my case. I will be working from India as long as possible. Fingers crossed!
  2. Thanks to everyone for taking time to respond to my post. I will keep this thread updated.
  3. Hello forum members, I have this situation and I am sure many have faced this. I came to India to revalidate my H1B visa, however, during the Visa Interview, I have been put on Administrative Hold (form 221g - white slip) - due to certain legal matters. As there is no deadline on Embassy/USCIS in resolving such cases, I am having to prepare a mid-long term plan to cope up with this situation. My key issues are: I rent in NYC, hence it's a substantial monthly investment, which I will have to continue paying I have other movable properties, I am not sure, what should I do, if I have to break my lease I would like to know what would be some of the possible ways to address this situation? What should I discuss with my employer? What should be my next steps to minimize financial losses. Your comments, legal or not, are highly appreciated. Thank you!
  4. CreativeGuy

    Second source of income under H1B

    Thanks pontevecchio, I will.
  5. CreativeGuy

    Second source of income under H1B

    Thanks Rahul412 and JoeF. One ore question, can I exhibit my work to galleries? It involves no business. Thanks again!
  6. CreativeGuy

    Second source of income under H1B

    Hi This question is almost killing me and I am hoping you could help me with some positive answers! I am on H1B and work for a reputed firm. I am also a photographer and I have made considerable name in that with loads of stock photos that I could sell. In fact people and business (like Starbucks etc.) local to my place of living are willing to buy prints of my work. As I understand that I cannot start my own business, though I can be a passive investor, wondering does this also prevents me from selling my personal creative work? I do not have any registered company on my name per se. I would like to explore any avenues in which I would have legal rights to sell such personal work. Thanks in advance!