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  1. srinivas.akyana

    H-1B Cap 6 Yrs Eligibility

    I did go through few posts here & online, looks like I can come back anytime by filing CAP exempt if I don't finish my 6 Yrs quota. However, please confirm. Thanks!
  2. srinivas.akyana

    H-1B Cap 6 Yrs Eligibility

    Hello, I have a question about H-1B cap 6 Yrs eligibility. My H-1B started from Dec 2012 so I assume it's valid until Dec 2018 (excluding the time I spent in India for vacation etc). However, if I go back to India for more than an year in Mar 2016 and if I want come back in May 2017, can I directly come back with my existing H-1B or do I need to go thru H-1B 2017 Quota as I am not in USA for more than 1 Yrs. Please help me understand. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much!
  3. I got the receipt number on 12/01 and Yes, it was received on 11/25 only. Thanks!
  4. srinivas.akyana

    Is my RFE response filed under PREMIUM processing?

    I am not sure about RFE but if you enroll for alerts in USCIS Case Status then you'll be able to see there. My employer filed my extension under normal processing and later converted to Premium so I was able to see the same in Case Status.
  5. Hello, My new employer sent my H-1B Change of Employer Petition for filing with the regional USCIS Service Center (I am located out of Seattle, WA) on 11/24th under Premium processing. And, I haven’t received my petition number yet by 11/30th. Can someone please help me understand how long it usually takes to get the petition number? Since Lawyer sent the form on 11/24th so I assume it reached on 11/25th so will the result be out by 11/25th + 15 calendar days? Thanks much!
  6. Well, I am not Attorney so don't take my opinion as final but from my experience, one of the Attorney's suggested me to convert ongoing transfer to Premium before filing the next one as chances of getting RFE are more. But again, depends on how much time your new employer can wait.
  7. Hello, I came to US from Emp A in Mar, 2013 and moved to Emp B in Aug, 2014, now planning to move to Emp C and Attorney from Emp C is asking for Credential Evaluation even though I provided the Credential Eval from Emp A (which they did about ~3 Yrs back). However, Emp B didn't ask for any Credential Eval while transferring my Visa from Emp A -> Emp B. So, just wondering if Emp C really needs to go for Credential Eval again? Please help me to understand. Thanks!
  8. Hello, My employer's attorney somehow missed to file my wife's extension before I-797 expires (however they filed my extension on time, I am on H-1B). My wife's I-797 was expired on 08-05-2015 though she has a valid I-94 (valid till, Aug 2016) and valid visa from my previous employer. Attorney is working now to file an extension for my wife but I am concerned that if my wife would be considered as an illegal immigrant from 08/06th onwards. Could you please help me understand if it’s okay to file the extension now or do I need to do anything different to ensure that I (or my wife) don’t get into any legal issues. Thanks, Srinivas
  9. srinivas.akyana

    L1A Eligibility

    Hello jairichi, In order to quality, it says "one continuous year" - does that mean that: An employee stays in abroad from Jan 1, 2014 - Dec 31, 2014 continuously in the same year An employee stays in abroad from Jan 1, 2014 - Oct 31, 2014 and traveled back to USA on Nov 1, 2014 - Dec31, 2014 and back to abroad from Jan 1, 2015 - Apr 30, 2015. I understand that an employee will be eligible for L1 in #1 scenario but can you please confirm, if an employee is eligible for L1 in #2 scenario as well? Thanks!
  10. srinivas.akyana

    Regarding L1 Eligibility

    Hello, My employer wants to process my L1A so further they can apply for GC in EB1 (company does quality to process my L1A). However, I have about ~10 Yrs of exp with ~15 Yrs of education experience. Could you please confirm if I am eligible for L1A? Thank You!
  11. srinivas.akyana

    Premium Processing - Transfer or Extension

    Does it mean that Premium processing is available for H1B transfer (changing to Employer B from Employer A)? Please confirm, I am pretty confused if this suspension is only for Extension or Transfer as well. Thanks!
  12. Hello, From this link (http://www.uscis.gov/archive/archive-news/uscis-temporarily-suspends-premium-processing-extension-stay-h-1b-petitions), I understood that PP is suspended for H1B Extension. Does the Premium Processing is not available even for H1B Transfer (changing the employment from Employer A to Employer B), please confirm. Thank You! ~Srinivas
  13. srinivas.akyana

    Regarding Employment Agreement in WA State

    Thank you, that's helpful!
  14. Hello, I was trying to initiate my H1 transfer to new employer but since USCIS suspended the Premium processing for 2 months, now it needs to be done in normal processing (not in Premium) however my I-797 is valid from current employer until Aug, 2015 only. Now the question is: Can I let my H1 transfer process in normal mode while extension from current employer in progress? Will it cause any issues to me as both will be in process in parallel? Please help. Thanks!
  15. Hello, I am currently working for Employer A and due to some benefits which I am interested, I would like to leave the Employer A and join Employer B. However, when I signed the Offer Letter (not notarized, just a Word doc) it says, If I am to leave the Employer A on my own fruition before 12 months of steady employment, I will be required to reimburse for the processing costs of my H1B Visa no less than $7,000 within ~30 days of the end of employment. I did go through some blogs in online and it says, WA State has "at will" employment policy and agreement can't work. Please, can you help me on this regard. Any help would be greatly be appreciated. Thank You!