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  1. Jerjees.Muradabadi

    Applying for H1 visa based on valid I-94 ?

    Hi, My husband is on L1- visa which was valid from August 7th 2012-August 6th 2015 , with same dates on his I-129 petition and his Notice of action (Form I-797) states valid from 2001 to INDEFINITELY . L1 Visa - from august 7 2012-august 6 2015 Valid I-94 - Upto July 2017 I-129 - august 7 2012- august 6 2015 His company did not want to take a risk and file for an extension for L1, based on high rejection, which would lead to changing his current I-94 status . They assured that he was legal and could work . My question is : 1. Though his company stated, is he legal to work in USA ? 2. Would this in any way cause him any problem for any future visa application ? 3. Does his petition dates affect his future H1 visa application process ? 4. Can he live in USA until April 2016 to file for an H1 ? 5. if not , what are the complications he would face by USCIS , for H1 application .? 6. Is there any way to fix this problem , so that we can be legal to file for an H1 next year ? 7. would it fix if we went back to India , and applied H1 from there , or would us staying beyond expiry of current visa , but valid I94 , cause any problem even then ? Yes, my husband has an employer who is interested in him , but before all that we need a clear answer about our situation and we want to fix everything legally . Kindly help , any suggestion that could not cause any problems for future application for visa or if we have wronged anything with our current visa is there any way we could fix it ??? please help , anybody ! this is urgent ! Thanks
  2. Jerjees.Muradabadi

    Can one apply for H1 visa based on valid I-94 but expired visa ?

    Also he is currently on L1 visa , does he need a valid petition for H1 visa ?
  3. hi, My husbands visa has expired on August 6th 2015 , and he has a valid I-94 upto July 2017, so my question is , : 1. is he eligible to apply for an H1 visa for the 2016 with valid I-94 , but expired visa ? 2. are there any measures one needs to consider ? 3. will he be approved if selected ? 4. is there any thing he can do to be able to apply with no fuss ? kindly reply !
  4. Jerjees.Muradabadi

    Can I renew my EAD based on valid I-94 ?

    hi, Based on the above response I had applied for my EAD card on May 3rd 2015 , there had been a delay of over 90 days and after a lot of inquiry , USCIS mailed request for evidence on August 6th , which i received on August 14th 2015. they have asked for the following which states : 1. Submit a copy of your spouse's Form I-94, Arrival-Departure Record, which was issued upon arrival in the United States as well as any form I-797 Approval notices issued for any extension of stay. Also, please submit a copy of the principal's (Spouse's) notice of action (Form I-797) approval notice for form I-129. 2. Also , i had forgotten to mention it earlier my EAD expired on August 6th 2015 3.My question to you is , does I-797 & I-129 are same forms ? 4. My husband has two forms I-129 which states is valid from 2001 to indefinitely , & I-129S which states the date of employment from August 7th 2012 to August 6th 2015. 5. Does this form I-129 determine if i should be getting an EAD Renewed card ? is my employment directly related to my spouses I-129 form ? 5.Since USCIS is asking for two document I-94 which is valid until July 2017 and I -797 , does his I-129 cause any issue for EAD RENEWAL PROCESS ? 6. if so, guide me to a solution where i can process my EAD to work , is submitting my I-94 not sufficient ? 7. Also , will there be an issue for my husband to work based on an expired I-129S by USCIS due to the request of my evidence ? . 8. His company stated tat we could legally stay on I-94 and work on so . kindly guide me through scenarios and situations that can help me start my "suspended" EAD process also the last date of submission of EAD doc is November 4th 2015 What would happen if i did not submit my documents ? they say my application would be declined ! does tat mean i would not be allowed to apply again ? Kindly help ! Regards, Jerjees
  5. Jerjees.Muradabadi

    Can I renew my EAD based on valid I-94 ?

    Thanks for your quick response its been a relief !!!
  6. Jerjees.Muradabadi

    Can I renew my EAD based on valid I-94 ?

    hi, Spouse Visa : L1-B expires in Aug 2015 Spouse I-94 : expires in Aug 2017 My visa : L2-B expires in Aug 2015 My I-94 : expires in Aug 2017 My husbands company suggested that since there have been a lot of rejections for L1 -B visa's , he should continue working based on his valid I-94 to avoid any rejections . 1) Now My question to you is , Can I apply for renewal of my EAD based on I-94 ? 2) Does renewal of EAD depend on Visa extension (L1-B) , or on I-94 form ? 3) If I can , What are the documents required for renewal ? 4) What is the process for renewal ? Thanks