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  1. Hi Sasiddiq, Am in the same boat as your spouse except my application with VSC is pending since Nov 14th 2014 and I have no more patience to wait on this. I would like to travel to either Canada/Mexico and get H4 stamped ASAP. Please, can u let me know if you have gotten it done in Mexico? Also, any reason why you dint choose Canada? Will appreciate any inputs you may have. Please post here.
  2. 2. Yes, you can re-enter when PD is current. But keep in mind that your I140 should not be revoked by your employer. They should agree to keep it active for your use on a future date. I think companies should not have any qualms about that. However, not sure how it works. Experts, agree?
  3. abysmal

    H1 to H4 Change of status issue

    Hi Satya2k1, I did read the whole thread, just wanted to clarify either way because am in a similar situation. My H1-H4 COS is pending for over 7 months now (Applied date - Nov 2014) with USCIS. SR, phone calls none are working as they don't seem to have any idea for the delay. Also, I do not intend to travel after receiving the approval notice but would like to immediately apply for EAD. Arjun013, I want to re-iterate as noted by some folks here, we can stay in the country as long as the case is under processing (confirmed with USCIS)
  4. abysmal

    H1 to H4 Change of status issue

    Hi Satya, Is it mandatory to get H4 visa stamped before applying for the EAD? I assumed that one can apply EAD immediately upon receiving I797 approval notice from USCIS. Kindly confirm
  5. abysmal

    H-4 EADs

    Hi, Below are my details and query, please advise Currently my change of status application from H1B to H4 - in progress since Nov 2014 I94 - expired in Dec 2014 My husband has an approved I-140 from old employer. He received 3 yr extension after 6 yrs based on the same. Recently, his PERM with new employer was approved and we are yet to file I-140 through this employer. Following are my queries - 1. I am eligible for H4 EAD based on AC21 rule or approved I-140? What supporting document is required to prove the same (please note that we do not have any document pertaining to the approved I-140, EXCEPT for the approval stamp as per FOIA response)? 2. Should I wait until his new I-140 is filed and approved before proceeding with EAD application? What if my spouse's I-140 is applied while my EAD application is pending? Will that create any confusion for USCIS between the old and new I140s? 3. Can I apply immediately after my I-539 COS is approved or should I wait for the hard copy of approval notice mailed over? Thank you for the expert advise.
  6. abysmal

    Work permit for h1b spouse starting May 26

    I thought one cannot start GC process unless they are nearing the 6 yr cap on Employment visas. It ought to be against the law. Pls correct me if wrong
  7. Hi Folks, Any suggestions whether I should proceed to apply for EAD on May 26th? considering my H1B to H4 COS is currently pending for over 6 months with USCIS. (Please note that my I94 has expired in December 2014). Am thinking I cannot, but please advice. Also, anyone in the same boat? What is your take? Thank you!
  8. abysmal

    H1B extension --> H4 renewal / H4 EAD application

    You can file all the forms together. However, a decision on EAD will only happen once H1B, H4 are adjudicated. Refer to the latest FAQ published on USCIS website, this query is clarified
  9. Called up and they raised an SR the other day (ETA for response is 30 days max). I suggest you get a SR too. My i94 expires in the last week of June. (Am staying adamantly positive :) ).
  10. abysmal

    Can my parents travel along with me?

    Since your mom has a valid visitor visa, she should be fine.
  11. hi guys, USCIS vsc has updated processing times yest'day. Reads 2.5 months now Did anyone get an update on their case? Simplyanks, any relief yet? please let me know if you have any update. thanks.
  12. Thanks jairichi and simplyanks. I can only hope that they make a favorable decision super quick!!
  13. Thank you both so much.. appreciate your quick confirmation.
  14. From what I know, 1. Yes. your son will need an H4 visa to be able to visit you in US. 2. No, not possible to file H4 for ex-partners as they cannot be claimed as related/dependent on you.
  15. hi everyone, Does anyone have any insights on the above? If yes, pls respond.Thank you! My Questions -- 1. Is it OK to apply for EAD using a passport that is expiring in few months? If the processing for EAD takes more than the typical SLA of 3 months, pls note that my passport will have expired while EAD is going on. 2. Will EAD end date be impacted by Passport validity? 3. Will EAD end date be given until the H4 / Spouse's H1B expiry dates?