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  1. vineet.saju

    H-4 EADs Under the Trump Administration

    I think the question your asking is if your h4-EAD is already approved for say till 2020, how does the administration revoking the rule affect your valid work permit?
  2. vineet.saju

    H1B vs. EAD Work Authorization

    Question regarding H4-EAD for spouse:- My original H1-B was approved on Oct 2010 and my current employer has filed for my PERM(few months back) but it is not approved yet. Based on the filed PERM my employer has filed for an H1-B extension till Oct 2017. If the H1-b extension is approved, will I be able to file for an H4-EAD for my spouse based on the filed PERM and H1-B extension beyond 6 years? Greatly appreciate any help. Thanks, Vineet
  3. vineet.saju

    H4 EAD based on filed PERM

    Hi, Can someone tell me if I can file for a H4 EAD for my spouse based on a filed PERM application (not approved) and a approved H1-b extension beyond 6 years? My first H1-b was approved Oct 2010 and I now have an approval valid till Oct 2017 Thank you Vineet
  4. vineet.saju

    H4 EAD based on filed PERM

    Hi, I have a unique situation where my H1B 6 year max out date is Sept 2016 but my current H1b approval is valid till Oct 2015. My employer estimates they should be able to file my PERM by Sept 2015, and I am asking them to renew my H1b after that so I can obtain a 2 year extension till Sept 2017. Suppose I get an extension till Sept 2017 based on a filed PERM, am I immediately(mostly in Jan-Feb 2016). eligible to file for an EAD for wife(currently on H4) based on the new rule? OR Will I only be eligible after Oct 2015(6 year H1b max out date) ? Thank you Vineet