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  1. hi, my name is Ashwin. i first entered the U.S in the month of April 2015 and stayed until Oct 2015, on a B1/B2 Visa while my stay here in the U.S i had applied for F1 Visa for which the reply was pending until i left the country in October 2015, in order not to loose my 10 years multiple entry B1/B2 Visa i left the country and went back to India. i flew back to the U.S in the month of Jan 2016 and i'm currently here. i again applied for a F1 visa in the month of April 2016 reply for which was still pending , i received a Request of additional Evidence to be submitted to the USCIS in the month of Feb 2017 which was submitted. I received a denial letter on April 17th 2017, they have suggested me to file Motion I-290B (an appeal )within 33 days. on the other side if this , My wife is a green card holder and has applied for U.S Naturalization process in the month of Oct 2016, currently she is in line for an interview date. Please suggest me if 1. I should file a I-290B in the mean time or just stay without appealing until she becomes a U.S Citizen. 2. will there be any status issues or questions raised for me when my wife will sponsor my green card process? 3. Is it advisable to file for a green card right now for me , while my wife is still in the process of getting her U.S Citizenship? 4. will i be considered as a case of overstay or an illegal immigrant? All this status change was applied by me , as it was suggested by a lawyer who said a green card process for me cannot be applied when am on a B1/B2 Visa and that i had to change into a non-immigrant visa like a F1 visa 5. Please suggest me what is the best thing for me to do right now ?
  2. Nope not yet i would like to know what needs to filed and how to proceed and also like to know the time frame as my visting stay period ends at oct 2015
  3. Last year sept 2014
  4. Sept 2014 last year in india
  5. Hi i am into B1B2 visa presently in USA i have a valid stay till oct 2015 and my wife is green card holder for her to be a citizen it takes another 3 yrs....can i know if she can sponsor me a valid visa for work authorisation if yes can you please let me knw how to go ahead thank you in advance!! Ashwin
  6. ashumini

    visiting visa status to ead

    Hi I have a valid multiple visiting visa and presently am in usa with a valid stamp till oct 8 2015 which is of 6 months and now my wife is green card holder as a spouse can i transfer my current status by appling I130 for EAD and for her to get citizenship it takes another 3yrs of time...as of now the current status for filling EAD it shows sept 2013 if i file now whn will i get the current date.please help me on the procedure and fee and duration of time if you think its suggestable. Thank u for the help in advance!!! Ashwin
  7. ashumini

    H-4 EADs

    Hi My wife is a green card holder and i came to usa in a visiting visa and my return stamp is upto oct 8th 2015.....i have heard abt EAD and would like to know the procedure ,processibg duration of time and fee.....and will tis be really helpfull for me..... Thank u Ashwin