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  1. yaya54

    PERM and SWA question

    Hello, Quick question on SWA order. The state I'm in ran the order from 2/15-4/16. The requirements state the SWA order should run for 30 days and then a minimum of 30 days shall pass before filing 9089. Is it a "minimum" 30 days for the SWA order even though it ran longer? In other words can 9089 be filed now since it would have been 30 days passed since 3/15 (30 days from the start of the order) or do we have to wait until 5/16 since that it is when the order technically ended? What dates have to be put on the 9089 form to satisfy the 30 day requirement ie 2/15-3/15 or 2/15-4/16? Thanks so much.