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  1. Hi, 

    were you able to get this information? "PERM and SWA question"

    can you let me know?



  2. yaya54

    PERM and SWA question

    Hello, Quick question on SWA order. The state I'm in ran the order from 2/15-4/16. The requirements state the SWA order should run for 30 days and then a minimum of 30 days shall pass before filing 9089. Is it a "minimum" 30 days for the SWA order even though it ran longer? In other words can 9089 be filed now since it would have been 30 days passed since 3/15 (30 days from the start of the order) or do we have to wait until 5/16 since that it is when the order technically ended? What dates have to be put on the 9089 form to satisfy the 30 day requirement ie 2/15-3/15 or 2/15-4/16? Thanks so much.