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  1. Hi, 

    Got laid off on March 30th and found a new job on 23rd April, signed offer letter. but the employer did not start the h1b transfer till May 1st. that is the last day of the 60 day grace period. what are my options? Have my h4 ead valid till next year and my h1b is valid till next year as well.   

    is there a chance that the employer can still file the h1b transfer and I can get the job.

  2. Hello, Thank you for the advice . we went to Mexico for my H 4 visa stamping , It happen very smoothly and speedily, without any problem. my h4 was not expired ,so it did not considered as change of status from F1 to H4. It was considered as reneal of my old H4 visa only. Thank you
  3. Hi,, Sorry for Saying wrong word expired . its not expired because in my school I have shown all of my documents and they said it does not called expired because you got the new one afterward,, I was things from my H4 point of view only. Thank you for help.
  4. Hello, Thank you for help. Just one more question Do we need visitor visa to go to CANADA for stamping? Will there be a problem for us, because our I 94 has expired in 2013 dec? if yes, please guide me with a proper solution. Thanks
  5. gdave

    Canada visa stamping in LA

    Hello,, Can I go to Canada for change of visa status stamping from f1 to h4, My stamping on the passport is expired but I do have legal document I797 to stay in USA. on my passport I have h4 visa stamp, which has expired,, and I didn't travel after that.
  6. gdave

    H4 to F1 COS (online I-539) Q's

    I have passed through the same situation,,, you should fill up,, according to the dates in your passport as first arrival.
  7. Can we go to Canada for the same reason?
  8. Hello, I came to US on H4 visa at first place. Then I started Study and went on F1 visa. So I am on F1 visa now ,But I don't have that F1 visa stamp on my Passport. Also My H4 visa stamp is expired. So any how I have to have visa stamping whenever I travel out of the US and coming back. So, My question is ,Now I want to move to H4 visa back from F1. So is it advisable to go to Mexico and coming back with H4 visa stamp.? I am not sure this service is available in Mexico or not. while surfing I read that in Mexico change of visa status is not possible,, they just renew the visa. Also, Let me know do I need to get Visitor visa to go Mexico? My husband also going to have stamping for his h1b for renewal. Or CANADA is the better option for this purpose? Thank you.