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  1. Thank you so much usimmi14 and Pontevecchio.
  2. Hi Team, I am currently in H4 EAD and working. My Perm was filed only during my 6th year and got into Audit. in 8th year my Perm is approve and applied I140 in premium. When my I140 was filed, my attorney applied as "Alient is in US and will apply for adjustment of status to that of lawful permanent resident". when my I140 gets approved, Q1.What will be my status? H1 or H4? my I-94 from H4 is valid till Oct, 2016. Q2. If my status changes from H4 to H1, Do I still need to file for an H1B extension? Q3. During my extension, what would be status and can I stay based on my H4 I-94? Appreciate your comments on this.
  3. bsr123

    H-4 EADs

    Hi There, I am in India and I have H4 visa stamped in India which I did in January, 2015. I had gone to US in H4 and came back. Currently I am in India. I don't have a I539 yet. My spouse has I140 which is approved. Can I get H4 EAD with my visa stamped or I have to have I539. Can I apply for I539 being in India if at all I539 is a requirement to apply for H4 EAD? Please suggest.
  4. bsr123

    H-4 EADs

    Appreciate your reply Rahul. Once I apply EAD, can I travel India and come back when it gets approved? I have a stamped H4 visa. Do you see any risks to leave US while the EAD application is in process?
  5. bsr123

    H-4 EADs

    My spouse has an approved I140, in US and working. I am in India and working. Being in India, can I apply for H4 EAD? Please let me know.