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  1. Dear Murthy and team, My spouse has been working on H4 EAD for sometime now and we have our I-485 in process and we received EAD/AP combo card based on our pending AOS application. We recently travelled out of US and re-entered using Advance Parole. Will my spouse be able to continue working on H4 EAD, dose she need update any documentation? Thank you.
  2. Once you pay, does it show a calendar with booked/free dates or plain no Appointments available ?
  3. Thanks , I am using the same link and see not free dates.
  4. Kir49, To get 27 July apt. date when did you make the appointment, was it in June or July.
  5. I see the same no dates anywhere except Toronto in 10 Jan 2017, is this for real? I am looking for Vancouver.
  6. When did you book you to get the 26 Sep appointment in Vancouver. I am checking the website and see no date available. I haven't paid the visa fee yet. Will it show available dates once you pay ?
  7. attaboy

    Successful stamping in vancouver on 06-13-2016

    Harekrishna, Congrats ! on your successful VISA stamping. I am planning on going to Vancouver for H1 & H4 stamping in Mid Aug. Can you tell me if this is the right link to get visa appointment. https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-ca/niv Any tips on where to stay and how long before you got your PP and did you go in person to collect it. I greatly appreciate your response.
  8. attaboy

    H1B transfer to new company

    I currently have an approved I140 from company A, I am planning on doing a future job GC with company B. Company B said that I should transfer H1 before filing I140, while I can continue working in Company A until the new I140 is approved. My questions: 1. Any reason why company B is requesting for H1 transfer even though I will join them only after the I140 is approved. 2. Can company B do anything such that I will be forced to join them after the H1 transfer, like running a pay roll or anything else. 3. Any thing else I should be cautious about transferring H1 and not join them until the time it takes for I140 approval.