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  1. Hello All, 

    I have attended H1B visa interview Chennai India, date of interview, VO gave me 221G with requesting project detailed description and few more items, i have submitted all of them and they did verified client location/job and needed info by sending an email to client, after that, 

     I have received an email for Passport request to submit my original passport, and did it and with 4 days, they sent me another email to pick up my passport, 

    Here is my Q:  my passport didn't stamped H1B visa and i had a 221G saying that, please attend visa interview with consular officer ALONG WITH ALL YOUR DEPENDENTS PASSPORTS* ( my spouse also here, and her H4 will be scheduled next month, baby is USC )  

    anyone of you faced this situation please / and let me know what will be cases here.

    thanks for all your reply on this. 


  2. Hello there, i am on H1-B with Approved I-140 and planning to start a business, prior to that want to create LLC with a US Citizen as other partner. and i am not going to work on that business, i will continue my  work on H1B only. 

    H1B share will be 49% on the business and USC share will be 51%. 

    Any complications in future on H1B renewal/ at time of 485 file and  if we take Business /commercial loans also any issues ?  

    What options we have to get profit end of the year.. Please help me on the process. Thanks 

  3. Hi All, 

    I have filled my Green card process with Company A as FUTURE EMPLOYMENT and i am currently working with company B.

    under the process of my GC, my Labor &  I-140 is approved with my Future employer Company A, now, i have filled H4+EAD for my spouse and its been 35 days.

    Now, my question is,  if my spouse H4+EAD approved, can she work with any employer ? and my H1B is currently holding with Company B, but GS process is going with Company A. 

    Any issues to work on H4_EAD ? due to H1B holding with one company and approved H4+EAD is holding with different company. 

    Thanks for all your input. 

  4. Hello All,

    My I-140-EB2- filled to Nebraska center and received a copy of the I-140 with dated 04/28/2016 ( more than 6 months ago) and still my File is showing as case received only, do anyone have similar situation with Nebraska center, please share your thoughts on this waiting.

    Spouse H1-B about to expire on 12/31/2016 and currently no project,, so want to change her status to H4+EAD from H1-B, no idea how ling it take to start her H4+EAD.

    please share your thoughts on Nebraska I-140 status. thanks  

  5. @Jairichi: thank you for all your moral support on my status and yeah finally they approved my H4 and he wants to me submit a statement that, not pursue my H1 too, visa status changed to issued on June25th and waiting for passport pick as of June29th.

    QQ for you , in case if I would like to apply new h1 in near future,( after my USA entry) I have to close that pending h1 b first, is that correct? Please let me know, if I apply new h1 in next 2or3 weeks is there any problems/ issues ?. Thank you again.

  6. @ abrakadabra: when did you submitted your passport , is that on same date June 15th ? I had my interview on June 15th got 221g and submitted my passport on June25th , status moved to issued on June25th only, and may I know how many days took to get pickup email from loomis after issued status ? Please provide info, appreciate your reply.

  7. @ Jairichi.... Thanks for all your suggestions and this morning (June 15th ) I appeared for h 4 and agin same thing repeated and they issued 221g white slip to further review only. I have no idea what to do but I ask you question earlier and

    1) Are they going to decline my H1 due to I appeared for H4

    2) VO asked that , so do you want to give up for H1, I said yes due to 2 months long wait and another 2-3 more months of waiting time , still my spouse is alone there.

    3) questions asked for my h1 documentation again and luckily I carried some fee receipt and all, he took those also.

    Please suggest me, what I can do now,

    Are they keep both files under admin processing or only latest h4 ?

  8. Thanks for your suggestions Jairuchi...and my employer and client verifications done already ( they sent an emails to client and they confirmed too)

    the admin officer said they are reviewing my documents and was saying it takes 2 or 3 months from.last week and he cannot promise a particular time ( you know, I have been here from last 2 months )

    now my question is, if if they issue 221g on H4 also, what would be my situation, like my h1b still under administration processing or only H4 will be admin process? ( I hope you got my point. .which visa status will be active? ) please suggest me.

    Required documnets are good now.thanks