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    Questions of J-1 Waiver procedure

    Type in "j1 waiver a curse" in google. Click on the first link you see. Guy has done a great job describing J1 waiver process with all the minute details. You wont be asking any questions after reading that blog!

    Recent Waiver Timeline

    Waiver Application/Documents sent by mail- 12/28/14 Documents received by USCIS- 01/15/15 No objection statement received from embassy- 02/10/15 Request for sponsor views- 03/25/15 Sponsor views received- 05/19/15 Favorable recommendation issued- 06/02/15 Recommendation Letter by DOS received in my self stamped envelope- 06/18/16 Still waiting for USCIS 797 (receipt notice) and final approval. Do you have any idea if I can apply for 485 adjustment of status or H1b based on DOS recommendation letter? hope this helps...

    Recent Waiver Timeline

    Hello all, I was wondering if you can share timeline of steps one has to go through during waiver application. Would really appreciate if people who have received waiver or going through it rite now can respond to this post. And of course any helpful advice or insights are welcome as always, as this is very informative source for many of us here.. I applied for waiver late December, and finally this month they have updated it to "favorable recommendation" status. You can imagine the strenuous and frustrating process for past 6 months. Which is still not over by the way. I am waiting for a letter in mail from DOS and notice and final approval from USCIS. Any idea when should I be getting those things?\ Thanks a lot all helpful people on this forum..

    Travel while J1 waiver is in the process

    Thank You Jairichi and asterosdeals. Your response will certainly help me make a decision!
  5. I am thinking about hiring one
  6. Hello there, I was wondering if somebody can advice me on following situation. I have to travel to India next month (kinda important). My J1 waiver in under process with Department of States (status- sponsor views requested). My J1 visa stamp is until March 2016, DS2019 is valid until July end. Based on these circumstances, can i travel to India and come back to USA on same visa? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hello Friends, I wanted to check what are my chances of getting GC through EB1A. I am PhD from US and working as a post doc at National Instittue of Health for past 4 years. I have 14 papers, 4 as a first author which has amassed more than 80 citations so far. I am reviewing papers for more than 5-6 journals, assistent editor for 2 journals and I have reviewed 40 manuscripts so far. I have recieved few travel awards to attend national and international conferences. I have more than 10 conference/meeting presentations to my credit. I am submitting 8 recommendation letters amongst which 4 are from independent refrees. I am filing my petition through premium processing. Any opinion is appreciated. Thanks

    J1 waiver

    Hello friends, In my case document and no objection recieved by DOS on Feb 10th. Still have not heard anything from DOS. My status is same since feb 10th. Any updates from the cases mentioned above? Thanks

    Waiver Pending and H1b petition

    Thanks Jairichi.
  10. Hello There, I heard many good things about this forum. I hope you can answer the querry I have. And as we are approaching the deadline to file H1b petition, its very urgent. My J1 waive is pending with department of state. I applied late december, status says that documents recieved including no obj from embassy, I am wating for DOS to request sponsor views from NIH. While being in the current state, can my future employer file for H1b petition? Does USCIS needs you to have actual waiver document in hand? Eventually in 1-2 months I am expecting to have this waiver process done. Can you please clarify these based on your vast experience of dealing with such cases? thanks