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  1. Hi I am a student from India doing my Masters in USA on F-1 visa for about 1 year now. I have a girlfriend who is an American citizen and we plan to get married sometime in near future. I do not know if I want to stay in US after I graduate from school and my F-1 visa is valid for another 2 years. I have a couple of questions regarding my scenario: - Do I need to apply for Green Card right after our marriage OR it can be applied a year or so after marriage when I have decided for sure that we want to stay in US? Remember: I have a valid F-1 visa for another 2 years and don’t need a GC to stay in US. - I am confused about the 30/60/90 immigration rule. Does it apply to the first time you enter the US on immigrant visa or your latest entry to the US on that visa? I know the rule is used to establish “preconceived intent” to immigrate, but in my case, since I have been a student for more than 1 year, does 30/60/90 immigration rule apply to me especially if I don’t plan to apply for GC right away after marriage? How else can I prove that I had no intent to permanently immigrate to the US when I first entered US in 2014. - If I decide to make a trip back to India right before our marriage and at port of entry use my F-1 to enter USA, do I have to declare that I intend to marry an American citizen in the near future? - What kind of travel restrictions are in place for me after I apply for Green card? i.e. is my F-1 status invalid at that time? Thanks in advance