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  1. Prabu.bloomi

    H1B Premium along with H4 & H4 EAD

    Due to recent changes i have few questions for my H1B extension. 1. Can we apply H1B premium along with H4 & H4 EAD(Spouse renewal). 2. Last time(3years before) while applied H1B premium with H4 & H4 EAD. Got processed in few weeks. Is this changed now ? 3. How long H4 renewal with EAD process time. Thanks in advance.
  2. Prabu.bloomi

    6 Yr H1B expired - Stamping H4 in Canada

    We had similar experience and H4 cos took almost a year to approve in vermont service center. Better to get H4 stamping instead of waiting on H4 cos.
  3. Prabu.bloomi

    How to expedite H4 COS at Vermont service center

    Thank you for your response. We talked with USCIS (phone call) and lawyer, they asked us to wait 2 more months that is "outside processing time" to raise service request. No help 😞 Just asking for some clarification. My spouse H1b and I94 expired on Jan 08, 2018 and H4 cos applied on same day. And got his 140 approval on july 2018. His employer is to ready to take him back for same position. Is is possible to apply H4 extension with approved 140 while H4 cos pending ? We are afraid that H1b ext may also got rfe due to these h4 cos.
  4. Spouse H1 to H4 COS applied on Jan 08, 2018 at Vermont SC, RFE came on Oct 5th 2018 and responded the case by Oct 31st, 2018. Still no update on the case status. Vermont service center processing shows 13 to 15.5 months(uff!!), we also applied H4 ext (pending)+ H4 EAD(pending) on Sept 2018 at Nebraska SC. All three petitions are pending. Another burden is spouse passport is going to expire by Mar, 2019. We are preparing to renew passport now. It is very difficult situation for us, my due is on april 2019 and my husband Driving license got expired. Very frustrated with processing delay. He can't go for H4 stamping since I guess the pending applications may get denied. Is there way to expedite H4 cos at vermont service center because it is not outside of processing time limit? Another 2 months wait will almost kill us..
  5. Prabu.bloomi

    H4 EAD application returned for invalid fee

    H4 COS taking more than year for approval(depends on the service center) for normal processing. And H4 ead will be approved once H4 is approved. Better to go for H4 stamping in home country and apply H4 EAD after come back, it may take 3 -4 months for H4 ead approval.
  6. Apply H1b extension before expiry (jan 18). >> will it be under cap exempt? --- No.
  7. Prabu.bloomi

    H4 extension and passport expiring!

    Ok. My spouse H4 COS is pending with RFE and expiry date on her passport is March 4th 2019. 1. Do we get H4 approval till passport expiry date or based on my H1b approval dates? 2. Can she travel out of country while her h4 petition is pending with rfe?
  8. Hi, We applied H1 to H4 COS on Jan 2018(I-94 expired on jan 2018) and got RFE on Oct 2018(asking to prove H1B maintaining status). We responded it and waiting for decision. On parallel , my employer applied H1 and H4 extension/new H4 EAD on Sep 2018 and H1B approved(3 yrs starting from Jan 2019) but H4 ext RFE received on Oct 2018 due to pending H4 COS RFE. We have to respond H4 ext RFE based on decision from H4 COS by Dec 2018. Now we saw spouse passport is going to expire on Mar 2019. In case if we clear all the RFE's, whether approved H4 extension date will be based on my spouse passport expiry date? 2) can my spouse go out for stamping with my H1B approved copy while H4 is pending with RFE? 3) If we get denial and spouse is staying more than 120 days after I94 expiry, whether it will create problem? I know the person have to go immediately, but is there any problem while stamping? Please help!
  9. Prabu.bloomi

    How to respond to H4 RFE

    Ok. Thanks for inputs. Except I-94 and W2's, we did sent other documents such as I797, salary slip, EVL, passport copy with original H4 application. I'm just worried because we are going to send all documents again with I-94, W2. Is these are important for H4 cos?
  10. Prabu.bloomi

    How to respond to H4 RFE

    Sorry, we applied COS on Jan 2018 and got RFE this week.
  11. Prabu.bloomi

    How to respond to H4 RFE

    We applied H1b to H4 COS on Jan 9, 2017 and got rfe this week for the following information. Maintenance of status - Principal alien 1) Recently issued I-797, granting principal alien's status. 2) Evidence of recent admission to the US. 3) Evidence of 3 pay stmts prior to filling an application 4) A letter issued by employer that the principal alien continues to be employed by company. 5) Recently issued W2's and/or other documentations that established continued employment. We applied this on our own not with any attorney, curious to know how to respond with this rfe. We are planning to include all I-797's, I-94, 3 pay slip(jan 2018, dec 2017), EVL, W2's. Is there any other additional documentation is needed to respond to RFE?
  12. Hi, We have applied H1b extension in Nebraska service center on premium - Date Received: 09/19/2018 and approved on 09/24/2018. Along with H1b extension we also applied for H4 extension and H4EAD(new). But H4/H4EAD cases are still in "Case received" state. Any idea why this delay and how they are processing H4 and H4EAD if we sent along with H1b extension on PP?
  13. Prabu.bloomi

    H1B: Extension denials

    Better change status to H4 and stay with your wife on H4 receipt. Work and other things can be taken care later. You can later changed to H1B once it approved.
  14. Prabu.bloomi

    H4 EAD application form

    Thanks JoeF. I just wanted to make sure right application is used.