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  1. I came to US in 2006 and gotten my I-140 approved with Eb2 April 2011 Priority. I got stamped in chennai Successfully thrice. My H1B was renewed in 2017 till April 2020. When we filed the extension back in 2017, I was with Client A. Now I changed to Client B (EC model) within the same MSA (25 miles). My pay rate, roles and responsibilities are all the same. I'm planning to go on vacation next month and get stamped at Chennai. Could I carry the client letter from Client B, new LCA and other documents for the VISA?
  2. I was a mute observer of this forum. I'm on H1B in the US for the past 8 years. Recently I went to chennai for vacation and got stamped. I work on EC model. VO: Do you work at the client site Me: yes, at ABC company VO: What! Little surprised as my client was different when H1 was filed in 2012. Do you have a letter from ABC? Me: Showed the client letter VO: Checked something in the System for a minute. Please provide me the immigration documents you have. He didn't ask for anything specific Me: Provided 1-797, I-129, employer letter, client letter, Updated LCA, paystubs 6 months, W2's for 4 years, I-140 apporval for my GC etc. VO asked me to wait for sometime. He handed over the documents to someone for verification. After 40 minutes, I was called and said "Visa is approved". I got the email to collect the visa the next day itself. The key is to state the truth all the time - DS-160 and while answering. Don't worry about anything. Just have enough documents. Your visa will be approved.
  3. gsunderam

    DS 160 Visa Form

    I was filling out the form for visa stamping (at Chennai consulate) in the website and had a query on the mailing address. I recently got the passport renewed in US. My new passport has the US address as home address. Now, when I fill the DS 160, it asks for a home "Address", say A. Then there is checkbox for mailing Address same as the above said "Address" A. I believe I should check "No" and put in the "India address" as the mailing address? The reason is that the latter address could be used to send my VISA.
  4. gsunderam

    H1B Visa Stamping Renewal

    Ok Is this Amendment the same as new H1B? Does it cost the same as a new h1b?
  5. gsunderam

    H1B Visa Stamping Renewal

    Thanks. My company's immigration attorney says an amendment is not required for my case as there is no substantial change in employment terms. what do you think?
  6. gsunderam

    H1B Visa Stamping Renewal

    Thanks for the response. Another quick question. When my H1B Petition was filed in 2012, it had Client A. However now I'm with Client B so I updated just the LCA with the new client B details. Is this a concern that I need to address? note that I will get the Client letter from Client B?
  7. gsunderam

    H1B Visa Stamping Renewal

    I have been in the USA for the past 8 years. On the GC side, I've my I140 approved and I had gotten the H1B extension petition approved for 3 years because of that. It's valid till Dec 2015. I've stamped successfully in Chennai twice for two different employers before. It's been 5 years since I went to India and so would like to go. I need VISA when coming back. Currently I'm contracting in an EC Model in US. Is there any risk in going to India? My client will provide the client letter and I can get all the required documents from my petitioner.