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  1. NaveenAlavilli

    H1B extn approved but not H4 yet

    That sounds good. Thank you !
  2. NaveenAlavilli

    H1B extn approved but not H4 yet

    I've applied for extension of my H1B and my wive's H4 on a premium processing mode during mid-April,2017. My H1B got approved but her H4 is still in pending. We need to travel to India for an important occasion in this September. I am worried that my wive's visa extension is not approved and cannot go for stamping in India ,for her to enter USA in October. Please suggest what I can do to get her visa extended before we leave from USA. I strongly believe that her H4 needs to be extended in order to go for Visa Stamping dropbox/interview in India.
  3. NaveenAlavilli

    DS160- location change

    Hi, I got my DS160 Confirmation letter for Hyderabad. But I figured that I cannot make to Hyderabad , and got a dropbox letter for Mumbai Location. Is there any way to update the DS160 form to show Mumbai as location? I already selected Mumbai in Dropbox location while filling in USTravelDocs. Please suggest on how to correct my DS160. TIA, Naveen
  4. NaveenAlavilli

    update to DS160 with new petition possible ?

    Please mark this as answered. I read other similar posts , and they say that we can carry both the I797s and get my DS160 updated at the Consulate.
  5. Thanks so much for the insights ! Have a small doubt here. If they are considering the new petition , the start date will be in June on that( my assumption). So , does the stamp says the validity is from June ? I am asking because, I need to get back to office in USA by mid May.
  6. Hi, I am quite in a worry. I need to go to India for an inevitable situation. And also , have to go for stamping. I booked the appointment with my expiring-soon-H1B petition , fearing about the slots availability. My employer told he will get me the extension done before I leave from USA , using the premium mode. As I have already filled up DS 160 using my existing petition , can I update it when I get my new I797 ? I saw some blogs that say we can to let the guy know about the new petition when we go to the OFC , for the fingerprints/photo , but they seem to be pretty old posts. ( I switched to a new employer , and hence the need for interview too) My current petition is valid till June , and I am travelling in April end for 2 weeks. Please let me know if it is possible to update my DS160 after I get my new petition. Thanks in advance! - Naveen
  7. Hi, I shifted to a new employer last year , and the latest Petition (I-797) with this new employer is valid till June,2015. I need to travel to India in April end , and my employer told he will file the extension on premium basis , so that I can get my extended petition asap. So , we are expecting to get the petition documents by the time I depart from USA. Now , I need to book appointment for the Visa Stamping , to return USA after my 2 weeks stay in India. I am wondering how to fill up the DS 160 form , without the extended petition in hand. I am afraid that there wont be any dates available by the time I get the new petition. Should I use the current I797 document to appear for Visa Stamping ? If yes , will I get the Visa stamp validity till June,2015 ? Please help me in clarifying these doubts. TIA.