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  1. preety84

    H1B RFE: Detailed Employment Letter

    Hi Ankur, i am in a similar situation - do you work for consultancy at a client location - is it EC or EVC model? What’s your wage level? Is your attorney providing any guidance?
  2. @Ayaan84I am not sure if I can still answer until I know what degree you have in bachelors or masters...if job title is computer systems analyst then are you working as a Business Analyst or something similar? What's your actual work job title?
  3. @Ayaan84what was the first RFE? What is your educational background and job title? Are they not related?
  4. preety84

    H1B amendment/extension denial query

    @prateeksharan what was the reason for denial? That will help understand more on the case..
  5. preety84

    H1B Approved with extension Beyond Max out date

    @Mooglee i see you had posted earlief in separate thread about 2 RFE's received so looks like now your RFE are clear and got extension - congratulations.. would you mind sharing what your LCA job title/soc code is and what wage level/salary? Seems like you did not get any RFE for wage level which most people are getting. Would appreciate your help! for your question: since it's approved till 2020 I think you can legally stay till then
  6. preety84

    H1b Extension - RFE 290 days

    @Manuca84: What did you finally decide as next steps for the RFE? Did you attorney respond back? Are you still in US waiting for an update from USCIS?
  7. preety84

    H1b Extension - RFE 290 days

    @Manuca84 thanks for sharing your experience after talking to Murthy firm..I don't know anyone with similar experience but was in general talking to my attorney and employer and they were saying attorney should be able to answer this. was you LCA filed under Computer Programmers? Probably that is causing this RFE?
  8. preety84

    H1b Extension - RFE 290 days

    Also would you mind sharing what position you were working at and what's your salary level? 1 or 2?
  9. preety84

    H1b Extension - RFE 290 days

    @Manuca84 what did you decide to you? Did your attorney suggest anything?
  10. preety84

    H1b Extension - RFE 290 days

    Hi Manuca84 that is a very tricky situation to handle..did you talk to your attorney..what did they say? what field was your h1b filed? And what wage level LCA was it?
  11. Ok but are you still working or stopped working being passed 240 days? Can w2e legally stay in US after 240 days? Did you attorney raise a service request after completing 240 days? Are you working in EVC model?
  12. Is is an extension? What are you planning to do now that you have crossed 240 days? did you raise a query with USCIS? i am in a similar situation.
  13. Hi, My H1b extension was filed under normal processing with USCIS in Jan 2017 and is still pending. Case status shows - My case was received on Jan 11, 2017. If I look into the USCIS current processing times for I-129 H1 extension for California Service center then as of May end they were looking at applications submitted as of Apr 2nd. Question is: 1. If they are looking at Apr cases now then how come my application is still pending. 2. What if I will reach my 240 days limit which is going to be Oct 7th. Can I still stay in US? Appreciate any help on this.
  14. Hi did you get any response on your application? What did you decide as next steps?
  15. preety84

    H1B extension is pending for more than 7 months

    @Parveen001 did you get your H1 approval or not? If not, what did you decide as next steps?